5 Reasons Why BlueHost Is Better Than The Competition

It is not easy to choose a hosting provider. There are loads of many different hosts, all best suited for different kinds of projects. For every business plan, there is a company which is just perfect. However, some hosting options are simply better than the others.

They offer better plans, great performance, and a more pleasant overall experience. One of such top dogs in the business is BlueHost. BlueHost reviews praise this company for many different things. In this blog post, I will about 5 of them. These are the 5 reasons why this host is better than the competition:

WordPress Optimization

WordPress is one of the hosts strongly recommended by the WordPress content management system. This platform is one of the most popular ways to create websites all around the world – chances are, you plan to use it as well.

If WordPress is your thing, BlueHost is your host. Websites won’t only be quick – a custom BlueHost dashboard is going to make it very easy to purchase advanced themes, add content or start an online shop. WordPress with this host is an overall terrific experience – easy to master even for those with no previous knowledge.

Great performance

With great optimization comes great performance. BlueHost has one of the quickest servers in the business and they tend to outperform the competition.

Website speed is an incredibly important thing. It’s not only crucial to the experience of the visitors – the quicker the website, the higher its Google rank. So if you care about your visitors and Google search rankings, choose BlueHost.

Part of a huge network

BlueHost has the means to provide only the best services to its customers. Under the same ownership as many other Internet service providers, BlueHost has a lot of information to work with. Which means that this host already knows how to solve a lot of problems before they even appear.

Experience is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted – by picking a brand new provider with almost no experience you could become a proverbial lab rat for all its problems. With BlueHost, no such thing will happen.

Plenty of important essentials

BlueHost knows that you don’t only buy server space from them – you purchase an entire home for your website. Which is why its clients will get plenty more stuff to work with.

For example, by picking any shared hosting plan, you will get a free domain name for 12 months. Your domain name is your brand – and it may be expensive to buy it but BlueHost provides that free of charge.

Another important thing is backups. It’s quite simple – if your website isn’t backed up, something happening to it would mean irreversible actions, perhaps even leading to the page’s disappearance. Some hosting providers ask you to do it manually, some ask you to pay extra, some do those free of charge – but only weekly! BlueHost is clearly ahead of the pack, offering free daily automated backups for every shared hosting client.

Also, if you plan to sell online or handle passwords as well as any other sensitive user information, you will be happy to hear SSL is included on every WordPress website. This means that your website security is going to be taken care of.

24/7 Support

Some providers only offer 24/7 phone support and don’t really bother with making their chat or ticket systems follow the same route. There are even some providers who don’t offer any 24/7 support at all! Well, BlueHost takes its customers seriously and offers around-the-clock support by live chat, tickets, and phone.

Inquiries take very little time to respond and the agents are courteous as well as helpful. When choosing a hosting provider, pick the one with great support. Pick BlueHost.

Is BlueHost the best?

Way as well be. There are not many hosts which combine great customer support, plenty of add-ons and performance so well. There could be a host which performs just slightly better.

There could be a host which responds to your chat requests just a hair quicker. Someone may even offer a free domain for a little bit longer. But I doubt that there’s a provider which does it all so well – the way BlueHost does it.

And this is precisely why this hosting provider is on top of so many “best host” lists. It’s amazing at the many things it does and in the end, the client wins.

5 Reasons Why BlueHost Is Better Than The Competition
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