How to Verify Google Adsense Account without PIN

Recently we have shared about why you might have not received your adsense address verification pin to very your Google adsense account. So, its that mean there is no other way to verify your adsense account without the verification PIN? Nothing to worry as Google has shared an alternative way to verification of account even if you have not received your adsense pin.

Google Adsense Address Verification PIN Rules

Whenever your adsense account will reach $10 for the first time, Google will automatically issue the verification PIN similar to bank atm pin to your address by post. As soon as you receive the pin, you need to login to your account and then apply the pin to verify the account. On successful verification, you will also receive a notification from Google adsense team.

But in case you have not received the pin initially, you will get 3 more chances to reapply for adsense pin in a gap of 3-4 weeks time till 6 month from the date of first pin issued. Now what will happen even if after 6 month you are not able to get any pin? Then how to verify your adsense account after 6 month of not receiving adsense pin?

Verify your Google Adsense Account Without Address using PIN

In case you have no adsesne address verification pin even after trying every possible ways, you can choose another way by providing a valid photo identity proof online. Here are valid photo identity proofs which generally accepted everywhere, hopefully they will also work for Google adsense address verification process.

  • 1. Drivers license (this is the most common way of address verification in USA)
  • 2. Rental agreement
  • 3. House/apartment registration document
  • 4. Passport
  • 5. Bank statement
  • 6. Election Id (India)
  • 7. Unique Id (Aadhar card in India)

You may contact Google adsense team ask them to know which document is enough to verify your address. Anyway now you have to go to your Google adsense account and click on verify PIN link.

Scroll down below and then open the contact id verification form to fill up your personal details and upload the necessary proof any one mentioned above. After your request along with document submission, Google Adsense representative will contact you within 2 or 3 days and will verify your account on behalf of your id proof.

You can also verify your Google adsense account using phone verification process. But this process is valid for only few countries like China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, USA & Canada. This facility is not available for Indian publishers.

How to Verify Google Adsense Account without PIN
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  1. Hi Santanu,

    I have a google adsense account but I haven’t used till now because of the issue with the account pin as well. I gave priorities to other things concerning my website and blog but I never went back to it. So thank you so much for this article. I will take action the next days so as to verify my account. Thank you!


    1. Thanks for finding my efforts useful. But I think you should make your adsense account fine and working. Because for a good traffic blog, adsense can really change your fortune. 🙂

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