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Are you planning to create a video series to market your online business and looking for a best video editor tools for windows? Then check out the Titlebee software, a perfect tool to create subtitles for your video projects in just few clicks. Title manipulation or creating different subtitle for videos is a must need in this age of vlogging. In this article I will share everything about this tool like Titlebee review, Key highlights, How to use and pricing details in this article.

Key Features of Titlebee – Subtitle Editor for Windows

With Titlebee, one of the best subtitle editing software online you can easily Create and customize titles or subtitles for your various projects by embedding them directly into the video file and kick start your content marketing campaign. Generally most media players or tools like this will not support all the file formats all the time. You can easily hardcode the subtitles into a video using Titlebee. If you are looking for video subtitle editing software free download for windows, then you can check out Titlebee Bronze plan.

Timeline Editing: Provide a unique timeline interface for editing video subtitles easily without much hassle.

Just-in-time Subtitles: Edit the subtitles anytime during the video even you play, pause and stop your video. Move your subtitle directly on your scene, change formatting and justification. Cut your workflow in half.

Typography: Choose your preferred font, color scheme and format your text whatever way you want using a wide variety of options provided.

Subtitle Manipulation: Use common computer commands to add or edit subtitles wherever you want in the video with many effects.

Side-by-side Tracks: Get an interface that allows multiple subtitle tracks to be edited alongside one another for easy comparison and translation.

Multilingual: Add subtitles in your video in any language you want. Titlebee supports all languages including complex scripts and right-to-left languages including Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese.

Any Video Format: This is the best feature compared to similar video editing software products in this range that Titlebee supports all video formats like MP4, MOV, M2TS, MPEG, AVI, WMV, FLV and many more.

Time Control: Want to play with the pace of the video by slowing it down? Do it easily with Titlebee.

Quick Spotting: Now spotting subtitles so that they appear and hide at precise momentshas become very easy with Titlebee.

File Export: Export your just completed Video project with subtitles in any of the popular SRT, SCC or STL formats so that they could be previewed in all major video players. You could also embed text subtitles in MKV video files.

NLE Overlay Import: Completed subtitle tracks can be exported as an overlay MOV video file with transparency ready to be imported into your NLE software such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut and Avid Media Composer.

Hardsubbing: Easily render your formatted subtitles directly onto your video complete with selected styles and animations. Export formats include MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV and FLV.

Bookmarking: Distribute your long video editing project in small parts to make your work easy with Titlebee bookmarks for quickly traversing option.

Synchronization: Now manipulate position and frame-rate of subtitles at stroke of your mouse wheel using Titlebee video editing software.

Cloud Backup: Secure your work by backing them up in cloud storage and access from anywhere.

Titlebee Pricing Details & Free Trial Download options

Titlebee subscription is available in 4 different types of plan as per your need. You can check out the image below to understand every single details about each package.

Titlebee Review Pricing

But if you want to try Titlebee for free, then you can register with Titlebee and create a free account to download Titlebee for free of cost. You can create and edit a maximum of 4 projects with the free account.

Sign Up Titlebee for Free.

Titlebee Review – Video Subtitle Editing Software Online
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