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I am using Genesis Framework for this website and frankly speaking I am a big fan of their themes and that’s why I am following every single update shared by Studiopress. Every month, I am getting Studiopress affiliate newsletter where I came to know about some awesome stats about genesis child themes & studiopress.

I have created this article to update their monthly affiliate newsletter with their Best-Selling Themes and the featured theme of the month. If you are an internet marketer and looking for the highest paying affiliate program in WordPress or Blogging niche, then Studiopress is one of  them. I have also shared an exclusive article on how I made my first affiliate income with Studiopress @

Important Facts about Studiopress themes 2017

If you are new to studiopress or genesis framework then allow me to share some basic facts to help you.

  • You have to buy the genesis framework first to use any of the studiopress child themes.
  • You can buy all the genesis child themes together and for that you can check out some extra discount on Studiopress pro plus all theme pack.
  • Studiopress themes are perfectly suited for any kind of blogging niche.
  • They have some awesome plugins to customize Studiopress themes without touching any code.

The May 2017 Theme of the Month: Slush Pro

Welcome to your incredible online presence with Slush Pro.

Review of Slush Pro Theme

Slush Pro is the perfect combination of marketing and your marketplace. It’s the meet up everyone shows up in one great theme so when you choose Slush Pro, you choose everything you want and need for building your next projects or sites that won’t disappoint.

Slush Pro was designed by ZigzagPress to foster online communities where sales are made and relationships last. Create your online branding to build your community with words and pictures for your best success today with Slush Pro.

Slush Pro provides users with the same incredible features you’re used to with every StudioPress theme. Slush Pro is mobile responsive with custom header, featured images, theme customizer, theme options, translation ready, layout options, and HTML5 markup.

The April 2017 Theme of the Month: Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro Theme review

When you’re ready to step it up and seize success with a bold, eye-catching theme, you’re ready for Aspire Pro, and so are your clients and customers! But what sets Aspire Pro apart from other themes? Its attention-getting style, of course!

The Aspire Pro Theme keeps your page content in proper narrative order, giving you a simple vertical design for easy visual eye movement and flow. It divides your content into parts, with a clear connection between each one.

Aspire Pro allows your visitors to read your site like a real story, with no pause or break, and leads them right to your call to action. You and your customers will want to build your next business on Aspire Pro, and then you’ll want to build with it again.

Aspire Pro provides users HTML5, mobile responsiveness, featured image, custom header, theme customizer, theme options, translation ready, layout options, and more.

You can check out the demo here!

Studiopress Theme of the Month January 2017: Market

Creating the success you want in this weird and wonderful online world can be challenging. With our latest theme Market, you can move easily and quickly to finding your perfect customers, just the way you want to.

Market is all about marketing you and your online business so you can find the audience you’ve been dreaming of. Market Theme Gets Your Genesis-Powered WordPress Site Noticed and shared, and 2017 can be your year to accomplish your wildest business goals especially when it comes to your promotion of StudioPress. Market was built for successful online businesses and you deserve the success you’re actively striving for.

With Market, you’ll find custom categories and category indexing for easy post organization, the option to change every color using the WordPress customizer, and the ability to upload both a custom background and retina-quality logo. Market is brought to you from Restored 316 and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you and your audience.

You’ll also find color styles, custom header, custom background, landing page, theme customizer, theme options, layout options, HTML5 Markup and it’s mobile responsive.

Check out the demo of Market here.

Studiopress Theme of the Month October 2016: Cook’d Pro

This incredibly fast-loading, bold, and super clean food-based theme is ready for you and your audience, and boy are they going to love this one! We’re proud to have Cook’d Pro as part of our StudioPress lineup, which is our latest theme from the creators of Foodie Pro.

cookd pro theme review

Cook’d Pro makes responsiveness and crisp design a priority — while giving you a host of tools for featuring images and recipes. It’s positively delicious and your audience is going to thank you heartily for sharing this theme with them!

Cook’d Pro comes featuring Large hero area for featured posts, widgetized home page for a flexible layout, a recipe filter index (you can even create multiple recipe indexes without editing any code), and even works with Heart This. Cook’d Pro is accessibility ready, has featured images, translation ready, HTML5 Markup, custom header, theme customizer, layout options, theme options, and of course it’s mobile responsive.

Check out the demo of Cook’d Pro here, you’re going to love it!

Studiopress Theme of the Month September 2016: Smart Passive Income Pro

smart passive income theme review

Start here with Smart Passive Income, which is exactly that … smart. It’s the place you’ll want to begin to learn everything you need to know about “passive income.” What is it? What will work for you? How do you get started? When can you take your tropical paradise vacation after your first million dollars arrives in your bank account? Pat Flynn shares all, and I mean everything about his passive income earnings and how he got where he is today. We are honored to get to work with Pat Flynn on his new theme, and we hope you learn just as much as we have been.

Checkout the Smart Passive Income Pro Theme Now.

Top 10 Best-Selling Themes for Studiopress

September 2016

  1. Smart Passive Income Pro Theme:
  2. Foodie Pro Theme:
  3. Altitude Pro Theme:
  4. Digital Pro Theme:
  5. Wellness Pro Theme:
  6. Parallax Pro Theme:
  7. Magazine Pro Theme:
  8. Author Pro Theme:
  9. Executive Pro Theme:
  10. Cook’d Pro Theme:

August 2016

  1. Smart Passive Income Pro Theme:
  2. Foodie Pro Theme:
  3. Wellness Pro Theme:
  4. Altitude Pro Theme:
  5. Digital Pro Theme:
  6. Magazine Pro Theme:
  7. Maker Pro Theme:
  8. Showcase Pro Theme:
  9. Parallax Pro Theme:
  10. Metro Pro Theme:

Although this is just the beginning, but I am sure that in next few updates readers will definitely know what are the best performing Studiopress themes. I am using the News pro theme with lots of customization and you can also get your own styled WordPress theme simple by creating a new child theme from the Genesis framework. Not want to waste your time & money, then simply get any of the Studiopress child themes only.

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Slush Pro – Studiopress Theme of the Month
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