How To Setup AdSense Page-level Ads in WordPress

Have you got AdSense Page-level ads notification in your Google adsense dashboard recently? Do you know what is Google AdSense Page-level ads? Do you know how you can make more money using AdSense Page-level ads on mobile devices? In this article I will share everything about this new Google ad for mobile devices.

What is AdSense Page-level ads?

Page-level ads is a new way to display google ads exclusively on your mobile devices only. On the age of mobile site, you can’t take it easy. I can clearly see my 30-40% adsense income is coming from mobile devices and I am sure that it will increase in future.

With Page-level ads, you can place the same ad code once on each page that you want to show ads. They’re designed to show automatically at the right time and in the right format –  potentially increasing your earnings without interfering with your users’ mobile experience.

Benefits of using Adsense page level ads

Let’s find out few key benefits of using Google adsense page-level ads on you mobile device.

  • Optimized ads: The system will determine the best time to display ads on best pages.
  • One-time set-up: You don’t have to put code in specific pages, just a simple easy to follow one-time setup and your new page-level ads will display dynamically.
  • Two new ad formats: anchor/overlay ads and vignettes
  • Ability to adjust the settings as the ads are responsive and easily fit according to yoru device width.
  • Additional ads on your site that don’t count towards your AdSense per page ad limit. That means you can use this page-level ads even after using 3 banner ads + 3 text link ads as well.

Watch the video below for a quick view of Page-level ads

How To Set up Adsense Page-Level Ads on WordPress

Now the question is how to set up adsense page-level ads on your WordPress blog? It is very simple to follow and apply. Just you need to get the code and put into your WordPress code before </head> tag. If you are looking for how to set up adsense page-level ads on blogspot or bloggers blog then check out the awesome tutorial shared by MBT blog.

Steps to implement Adsense page-level ads

First of all login to your adsnese account and look for my Ads section. you will find Page-level Ads Beta link in the left side navigation menu.

Click on the same and enable both the ads by changing the status from O to I.

adsense page level ads

Now scroll down a little bit and click on get code. Now copy the code and paste in the WordPress </head> tag. If you are using any premium theme like Genesis Framework or Mythemeshop, then you will definitely get special place for header tag area where you just have to paste the code.

page level ads for mobile from google adsense

You can also test your page-level ads using the test it out option as well.

Have you activated google adsense page-level ads for mobile? Write a simple comment below with your experience of any query. For more updates on google adsense, please follow official adsense blog.

How To Setup AdSense Page-level Ads in WordPress
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  1. Hi,
    I activated the Google Page-level ads few days ago but nothing yet, I am sure things are going to turn out soon and i Think not all AdSense account have that feature for now because i have not yet seen the Page-level ad on it.

    Thanks for the info..!

    1. Same from my end also. I think this is a new product from Google, so need some time to settle down and find out some benefits.

  2. With page level ads, i don’t know if any blogger increased the earnings. i also activated but very few cents with lots of impressions… most of the time the income generate with page level ads are zero. Thanks for sharing mate!

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