How To Save Money While Shopping Online

Do you have a thrill for shopping online? Do you like scavenging web stores picking the best items? But, are you wondering whether you can save money while shopping online?

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The allure of buying new things, stumbling across new trends, finding new fashionwear is all very enticing. And this gets even more exciting when you are shopping online! That is because you can to scour through multiple websites at once, check prices elsewhere and even see what products you like all at once.

But not only that! Shopping online has a lot of benefits to it as well! For instance, shoppers can shop at any time, from any place, and anywhere! Be it during a break at work, in transit, sitting in a waiting room, or even from the cosy comfort of your home.

You can even save a lot of time; time spent in travelling from store to store, going and coming from a mall in the traffic, and the time taken to sit and see different cloth. Online shopping gives the power to users to few an assortment of products from a plethora of different stores, all at once.

However, the biggest advantage of shopping online is how easily you can save money! There are 6 simple methods to save money while shopping online.

Use Coupons and Promo Codes!

One very special benefit of shopping online is that online web stores offer an innumerable number of discounts rates, deals and other offers! The sale prices you get if you physically went to a store are no match for these amazing deals.

There are several online stores that can cater to your every need, from clothes to electronics. If you want to shop online, then you should checkout the popular online shopping websites like Abof, Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon and Myntra are some of the best ones out there.

These will give you deals, cash back offers, bonuses upon installation, discounts because of festivals, holidays, reductions on first purchase and even on referrals. Users can find these coupon codes on their landing page itself and check for promo codes and coupons there.

An example of these incredible deals is given by Abof, the online fashion web site. The given Abof coupon codes, entitles the user for a FLAT Rs 400 off on online shopping at Abof. But this discount rate is not a stand – alone deal. This discount is on top of an already sale price of 70 per cent off!

Shop During a Sale!

It is always great to go shopping and to discoverproducts you like or which have even been on your wish – list for a while at fantastic prices! We all love a sale and look out for bargains. With the help of sales, you get to buy more and pay less! This is incredible because you get more value for money.

There is also a skill in spotting sales. For instance, if it’s a festive time, then you know there will be a sale around the corner. Some amazing sales that online web stores have are they delightful buy 1 get 1 free deals, end of season sales with a discount which can go as high as 70 – 80per cent off, cash back offer up to 20 per cent to your Paytm wallet as well. And what is more? You can get additional sale prices if you use a specific bank for your transaction as well.

One example of a sale that is going on is Myntra’s end of season sale where everything is on a sale price of 50 per cent off! So, shop during a sale, and shop till you drop!

Compare Products on Different Sites!

One massive advantage of shopping on online web stores is that you can view different products on different web sites all at once. This enables you to compare prices, features, and other aspects of products and then make an informed decision on what to buy.

Nowadays there are a thousand different websites where users can shop from. Be it large electronics like a fridge, an LED TV screen, or a washing machine, to something as small as a pair of earrings, a watch or a tie- you can find everything on these online web stores!

And that is not all! You can even buy books, groceries, and even place a booking for transport or hotel rooms online. Now imagine the trouble you would have to go through if you had to manually visit all these stores one by one and check their prices for the products. But thanks to web sites like Trivago, you can compare the same item across web sites and find the one which is cheapest!

The brilliant web site Trivago allows customers to compare hotel prices in just a few clicks! It compares prices from more than over 200 booking web sites for north of 1.3 million hotels across 190 countries!

All you need to do is input the city and place where you wish to stay and the name of the hotel and it will run the price of the room through their data base and show you the best price of the room!

Raid Referral Offers

What online stores have started doing nowadays is their own refer and earn programme to spread their app and get more customers, but at the same time make it beneficial for their existing users as well!These refer and earn offer allow shoppers to recommend their app to other people like their acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family and stand a chance to avail of a chance to earn rewards from them.

This is a wonderful deal that makes it very beneficial for both an existing user, as well as the newly subscribed user because of the deals. In most cases, the referrer gets a bonus for getting his contacts to sign up with the app. This bonus can be in the form of a cash back, reward points, loyalty points, or evendiscounts.

The new user who signs up will also get a reward as form of a ‘welcome’ from the app. This reward too will be along similar lines, as a discount or points.

Myntra has a refer and earn offer of their own that is currently on – going. Under this offer, the referrer who gets someone to sign up, as well as the new user both get a lucrative benefit. Refer a friend the Myntra app using their referral code, and your friend will get Rs 300 as reward for joining. And there is something for you in it as well. You will get Rs 300 when they make their first purchase with Myntra! It is a win – win offer for both of you’ll. Because sharing is caring!

Blistering Bank Offers

Another initiative that online web stores have are bank offers. Bank offers give users a cash back rate of around 20 per cent on average on top of their already listed discounts.

Customers can redeem these bank offers if they use a certain bank to carry out the transaction. Book My Show has one such bank offer. User can book tickets through the Book My Show app and pay the money through their ICICI Bank credit card or debit card and be available for to win a chance to get a buy 1 – get 1 – free deal on movie tickets!

Wonderful Wallet Offers!

And finally, the last method to save money on the list is through an online wallet app. With the rise of modern technology, and because of the recent demonetization, wallet apps have become the new trendy in thing! They make life so much easier because they eliminate the need to carry any actual cash, and you can make payment anytime and anywhere. But the biggest advantage of using these mobile wallet apps such as Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge etc, are that they are in partnership with most of these online web stores.

This means that if you use these wallet apps to pay for the purchase of item online, then you stand a chance to win splendid offers, cash back rates, discounts and/or reward points!

For example, Paytm has an incredible cash back offer on a purchase of clothing products. Shop for branded jeans like Lee Cooper, Wrangler, Canary London, Levi’s and many more on and get a chance a chance to get a cash back rate of anywhere between 50 – 70 percent!

And so, these were the top 6 ways to save money when you shop online! These are sure to make your shopping experience all the more exciting and save you a lot of money!

Follow these and we are sure to save big bucks!

How To Save Money While Shopping Online
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    1. Yes you are right, these days one can easily compare the product price on many website, read real-time reviews of buyers before buying anything. Life has become very easy with these online shopping in India. Thanks for your comment.

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    These are some great tips which can save us some money. I am going to apply these tricks soon when I am shopping online.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. Online shopping is something like revolution happened in India and I feel it’s good also as we have many options before we buy something. And it has bring so much competition and transparency and at the end consumers are receiving the benefits.

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