How Much Pet Sitters Can Make From a Pet Care Job?

Looking for pet sitting jobs for teenagers or college students? Do you know how much money you can make by doing pet sitting job or taking care of someone pet dog or goats, lizards, birds, turtles, and fish? In this article I will tell you some crazy facts which will blow your mind and provide you some awesome ways to make money on this summer.

As a teenager or school student, you would love to spend some time by taking of care of someone’s dog. Not only dog, but also goats, lizards, birds, turtles, and fish if you are really interested and an animal lover. In America, a person can make around $1000 in 2-3 weeks just taking care of some’s pet for few hours. Let’s find out more about this job.

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What is Pet Sitting job or Pet Care Job?

Generally people who love their pets like kids need helper to engage them or take them to walk around or play with them, as they might not get enough time to spend time. Not only that, you may have to feed the pet on time and take care of various medications as per clients need.

This kind of job is best suited for teenagers or college students or school kids who are looking to make some quick money by opting for such part-time job. Generally such kids are best suited, as they can enjoy the time with pet by playing easily and at the same time making some money.

How Much Salary a Pet Sitter is going to get?

Generally if you do this kind of work for 2-3 weeks, then you may get a less pay as part-time option is quite less paid compared to full tile pet sitter job. But still you can make $1000/ 2 week duration. But if you want to pursue a full time career in Pet care job, then you may earn max $4000/month.

Where To Find weekend pet sitting jobs?

To get a job, you might look for pet sitting jobs in USA or log in to where you can search in various cities and find out the best suited client to kick start your pet sitting career. If you are looking for weekend pet sitting jobs in India, then you may have to get disappointed as the pay structure will not that attractive like in America.  But you can find such pet care jobs in India @

Have ever worked as a pet sitter or pet care? Please share your experience and also any useful tips to make the most out of such part-time job opportunities.

How Much Pet Sitters Can Make From a Pet Care Job?
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