How To Make $100 / Month With Affiliate Marketing?

Do you think $100 / month is a very negligible amount? I don’t think so, if this $100 come from my new website via affiliate marketing. I am sure that, you are also trying hard to make make money from affiliate marketing but due the high competition of niche, it is mostly difficult.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money online. And this is a kind of stable income for long run in case your website is safe in Google’s eye. I have already shared couple of articles on how I have make money from this blog using various Affiliate Marketing programs. E.g. you can check out the cuelinks income report, Bluehost affiliate program etc.

In this article, I will share about as a beginner what you should do to kick start your Affiliate Marketing career.

Things You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing Career & Make Money

Well, the very basic things what I can tell here is that one should have a website to make money from Affiliate marketing. Off-course you can make money via affiliate marketing even without a website. But I am not experienced with that case, so I can’t tell anything on that here.

So, here are few steps to create a website for affiliate marketing

Choose a domain name. You can either start a coupon website or a blogging blog where you will target various product reviews and sponsored reviews.

Host Your Website: My blog is hosted on Hostgator. You can either choose from Bluehost or Hostgator with a basic shared hosting plan.

Choose an Affiliate ready Theme: I am using MTS or MyThemeShop theme due to the ease to manage. You can also look for Genesis Framework with a better genesis child theme to launch your first website. In case want to start a coupon blog, then get Clipper theme with FLATTER child theme.

How To Plan For Content to Make money with Affiliate Marketing?

It will totally depend upon what kind of blog you have started. I will consider there are 2 types of website can be created to make money from affiliate sales.

Coupon Website: You can join affiliate networks like Cuelinks, Vcommission, OMG publishers for India. E.g. I am trying to build a coupon blog for India,

In case you want to make money from traffic like USA or UK, then Viglink, Skimlinks are best network to join. Simply find out the merchant names and start sharing their coupons in your website.

Product Review website: It can be either a pure product review site or a blogging blog like or this website. Start writing various affiliate products by joining networks like Shareasale, Avangate, Bluesnap, CJ etc. Put your affiliate links properly. So far I have found Shareasale is one of the best affiliate network and I have made some dollar by Studiopress affiliate programs.

Is it enough to make $100 via Affiliate marketing?

Frankly speaking, NO. Now you have to start building traffic for your website. You can share about your blog or product review in social media and work gradually on various on-page SEO or Off-page SEO factors to get organic traffic gradually. The more organic traffic you get the more chance of a sell from an product.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is, one can make good money from a less traffic blog also if the traffic & blog niche is targeted. When to make money from adsense, you need huge organic traffic. Now, it’s you turn to share is your blog is able to make at least $100 per month from affiliate marketing?

How To Make $100 / Month With Affiliate Marketing?
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About the Author: Santanu

Santanu is not a full-time blogger yet, but a blogger by heart. :) Loves to explore blogging tricks, affiliate marketing techniques, online income opportunities & the world of WordPress. I hope my honest attempt of sharing my blogging learning and income secrets will be helping newcomer bloggers to make their blog noticeable and money making.


  1. Hi Santanu

    I agree with your assessment that affiliate marketing is a good way to make money with your blog. Especially for part-time bloggers like you and me.

    The one tip I would add is to make sure you have a good high-ticket offer in your portfolio – and that there’s a decent sales funnel that locks your customers to you.

    My affiliate marketing mistake was to do a lot of work selling products for that cost just a few dollars (thinking that would be easier) without realising that the product producer was picking up 100% of the meaty back-end commissions from the new customer I had generated for him! Ouch.

    Thanks goodness I finally realised my mistake!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    1. Thanks Joy for sharing your affiliate marketing mistakes here. Its really worthy as one can learn from mistakes only.
      Personally what I feel is that maintaining niche is a key and also recommending the popular products which other people are also recommending is a great idea to generate affiliate income. Off course if the content is not ranked well, then entire effort of affiliate marketing is waste only.

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