The Ultimate Guide To Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress Post Editor

As a blogger, I think we are spending most of our time with the WordPress editor only. Either by writing quality content or optimizing old blog posts for better SEO & ranking. How often you are using the keyboard to execute any function in the WordPress Post Editor?

Frankly speaking, I am not using keyboard shortcuts much, at least to perform any action in Post Editor. Rather I prefer or used to with the typical way of using the mouse. But everyone is not like me. 🙂

People love to use keyboards to perform any action to speed up the process. In this article, I will share all those keyword shortcuts which you can use to perform any kind of action in your WordPress Post Editor to make your life easier & off-course write a blog post fast.

How To Find All WordPress keyboards Shortcuts in WordPress Editor

Just visit your WordPress admin area and click on New Post option to write a new article. In the WordPress editor toolbar you will find a question sign like below.

WordPress post editor

Just click on that and you will find a new popup will open. On that popup you will find every single keyboard shortcuts which is possible to execute in your WordPress post editor.

WordPress editor

Here are all major shortcuts taken from that list.

To Highlight Certain Text | CTRL + Arrow Forward or Arrow Back

Select All |  CTRL + A

Copy | CTRL + C

Paste | CTRL + V

Cut | CTRL + X

Undo | CTRL + Z

Redo | CTRL + Y

Bold | CTRL + B

Italics | CTRL + I

Address | CTRL + 9

Underline | CTRL + U

Insert or Edit Link | CTRL + K

Heading 1 |  CTRL + 1

Heading 2 | CTRL + 2

Heading 3 | CTRL + 3

Heading 4 | CTRL + 4

Heading 5 | CTRL + 5

Heading 6 | CTRL + 6

To Check Post Spelling (nice!) | CTRL + SHIFT + N

Add or Remove Code Tag | CTRL + SHIFT + X

To Justify Text Layout | CTRL + SHIFT + J

To Align Text Center | CTRL + SHIFT + C

To Align Text Right | CTRL + SHIFT + R

To Align Text Left | CTRL + SHIFT + L

Insert Page Break Tag | CTRL + SHIFT + P

Insert Read More Tag | CTRL + SHIFT + T

Number Style List | CTRL + SHIFT + O

Bullet Style List | CTRL + SHIFT + U

Remove Link | CTRL + SHIFT + S

Insert Link | CTRL + SHIFT + A

Insert Image | CTRL + SHIFT + M

Insert Quote | CTRL + SHIFT + Q

Help | CTRL + SHIFT + H

So, which WordPress editor keyboard shortcut you are using too frequently to write a blog post? Just share your thoughts here by writing a simple comment below.

The Ultimate Guide To Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress Post Editor
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