Top 10 Inspirational Bloggers In The World

Who are the most inspirational bloggers in the world, who actually motivate you to start a blog for money or fame or sharing knowledge? In this article I will share the list of 10 bloggers who actually inspire me to work hard to become a pro-blogger like them. 🙂

These days many bloggers are making money online easily from their blogs using various affiliate marketing techniques & passive income ways. Creating a website and then making money from the blog is not that difficult. But to become a pro-blogger and make people your follower is one of the toughest thing to achieve.

In this article I will share such 10 bloggers who are not only making money online, but also motivating others to start a blog and make money online. Most of the bloggers are sharing their monthly income report with traffic report and the tricks & techniques they are using to increase their monthly blogging income. One can easily follow their blogging journey and able to generate passive income online.

Here is my favorite Top 10 Most Inspirational Bloggers In The World.

Harsh Agarwal of

Harsh may not be the top bloggers of the top bloggers in the world, but in this list I kept him as the top inspirational blogger from India. He is the person who actually motivate me & many other people to to make money from blogging. In such a small age, Harsh is without any doubt a true inspiration for many bloggers in India and able to create a huge followers.

Pat Flynn of

Pat Flynn is one of the smartest blogger of the world who has set example of generating huge amount of money by creating couple of micro niche sites. Every month Pat is publishing his income reports and you will be simply amazed by seeing the monthly income figures.

Brian Clark of

My blog is powered by Genesis Framework developed by Brian Clark of Copyblogger media. He is one of the best Studiopress developer and a true example of someone who can really motivate you to keep blogging with some ambition.

Syed balkhi of

Syed is a true genius blogger and the man behind an awesome blog for WordPress, I am sure almost everyone in this blogospehere is aware about his blog. He is also popular for some awesome WordPress plug-ins developed like Optinmonster & WPForms, launched recently.

Darren Rowse of

Darren is one of the oldest player of this game and you can say one of the most searched problogger in this world. He helped many people to set up a blog and then guide them to make money online.

John chow of

John Chow is one of the pro-bloggers who are master while making money from blogging. His website was one of the most searched blogs of the world and spread the word six-figure income from a blog. His success inspired many bloggers to think seriously about how to make money from a blog.

Zac Johnson of

When you are planning to make money online, then you should explore affiliate marketing techniques. In that arena, Zac Johnson is a champ person who can teach you various affiliate marketing tips & tricks and how to make the most our of your content.

Michael Dunlop of

Micheal Dunlop is another pro-blogger and a master of affiliate marketing techniques & how to make money online tutorials. This site have been featured in New York Times, Yahoo News, AOL, MSN Money, Daily Mail, PC World, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Y Combinator, Reddit homepage and the list goes on.

Lindsay And Bjork of Pinchofyum.Com

Lindsay & Bjork are one of my favorite couple blogger who are able to make huge affiliate income from a food blog. When I read their blogging journey and how they are making huge money from Bluehost Affiliate Program, I was simply surprised. They are really champs.

Pete CashMore of

Mashable is not a simple blog or platform like the blogs I have mentioned here. This has become a huge online news portal where one can find various categories of articles. I really like the effort given by Pete Cashmore to build this huge platform and one of the most searched new blog in the internet.

So, are these people really inspire you or motivate you to follow your dreams? If you want to become a successful blogger and then make money online then you have to follow these top 10 inspirational bloggers form the world and learn gradually how they become si much successful. It took years and ample research for them to achieve wherever they are right now. Share your thoughts here by writing a simple comment below.

Top 10 Inspirational Bloggers In The World
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Santanu is not a full-time blogger yet, but a blogger by heart. :) Loves to explore blogging tricks, affiliate marketing techniques, online income opportunities & the world of WordPress. I hope my honest attempt of sharing my blogging learning and income secrets will be helping newcomer bloggers to make their blog noticeable and money making.


  1. These bloggers are really money making machines…. I too prefer Harsh Agarwal.. And enstinemuki is also a great blogger ….. with Their commentluv blogs…

    1. You are right Nasim, there are many of such bloggers who are really inspiring people by making good amount of money online. And I believe the number will increase in coming days and blogging in India is really getting into good pace.

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