10 Tips to Secure Your Web Hosting Account From Attacks in 2018

What is web hosting? Web Hosting is a database where usually blogs or websites are hosted, i.e., they are uploaded there and when their users request to see the site it is downloaded and displayed from there.

As there are lots of communications going through from user end and hosting, it is vulnerable to hack hosting servers, most popular methods of hacks are DDos, Brute Force, etc. Then how to secure your hosting account from online threats? In this article I will try to share few facts and things one should remember to secure hosting account.

10 Tips to Secure Your Web Hosting Account

10 Tips to secure your web hosting account From Online Attacks, Hackers

So here are 10 quick tips to secure your web hosting:

Tip 1: A survey says about 42% of bloggers use just simple text and numbers to secure their database, which can be attacked easily through brute force and they may get access to your account in 2-3 days! So, make sure that your username and password are difficult to find. Use special characters, numbers.

Tip 2: Many web host providers are open to public, i.e., their FTP is publicly accessible so make sure that your FTP and Standard FTP (STFP) are secured with a very strong password use websites like strongpasswordgenerator.com to set a good password.

Tip 3: Use secure software for data uploads and downloads from your servers, some of the good software are Filezilla and WinSCP, some fake software can extract your password while transferring data.

Tip 4: Clean your cookies and cache regularly. Cookie stealing is another famous technique to steal user credentials without their knowledge.

Tip 5: Check your logs regularly. You should check system logs regularly for suspicious activity. There may be some user login ditto like yours but they are not, they are sessions from different computers with your same IP.

Tip 6: Make sure your blogging user interface platform and server software are up to date because outdated software is easy to get from a server and can be easily backtracked to your servers to steal your credentials.

Tip 7: Always use reputable hosting, never go for a new host who provide unlimited hosting for cheap rates without reading enough reviews online. They are most probably hackers or they often add some files to your database which will display ads on your site without your knowledge.

Tip 8: Have a good knowledge about web security, there are nearly hundreds of ways to hack into your web hosting servers, so know some technical terms and methods of hacking to prevent them.

Tip 9: Use server auditing service, XSS attacks are popularly known as session hijacking which means when you are logged in to your hosting account, another attacker will also be connected to your account with your session and he will able to do everything you can. So, never use public networks to access your account.

Tip 10: Have a regular backup of your website so that you can easily get back access to your site even if it is hacked because ultimately the domain and hosting are recoverable through your details provided to your hosting account.

Do you think these are enough to protect your web hosting account? Make sure that you follow all the above-mentioned step and have a happy hosting experience! And also share your personal experience and also any advice here by writing a simple comment below.

10 Tips to Secure Your Web Hosting Account From Attacks in 2018
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  1. Hi Santanu,
    It was great tips which are mentioned here in your post. I still remember, one of my blogs got hacked, every organic search I get it was all directed to their websites. I thought it was with my WordPress but later I found I was attacked at hosting level. And I had to deactivate immediately since my DATA base were all attacked.
    I was too stupid to forget about the web hosting account security. Well, I found your tips a very useful one…. Keep up with such great posts…..
    Have a nice day.
    Ugyen Dorji recently posted…Instant Articles and Facebook Audience Network Earnings.My Profile

    1. Thanks Ugyen for sharing your experience. There are so may security measures one need to take these days on internet to keep business safe.

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