Why Hostinger is the Best Option to Start With?

Out of hundreds of web hosting companies, it has become very difficult to find a company that makes the balance between price, features, performance, and support.

Whether you are creating a site for the first time or planning to migrate to other hosting platforms, it is crucial for you to choose the web hosting company that is trustworthy and budget-friendly too.

Although finding such company is not easy yet through this article I have tried to make it easy for you.

Today, I will review the new shining star of hosting industry, Hostinger. The company claims to offer elegant features at the very genuine price.

hostinger web hosting

Let’s review its service and analyze how much value for money they offer.

Hostinger Review

SSD Storage

No matter the type of website you own, with Hostinger you can be assured that your site will be hosted on server powered by Xeon processors. All their servers are supported with SSD drivers that are more fast and reliable than old HDD drives.

Like HDD drives, SSD drives do not have moving parts. Lack of moving part means better data security.

Website Builder Tool

All the plans of Hostinger are supported by free ‘Website Builder’ tool. Using this tool you can jump directly to website designing phase. Website builder has a ton of free templates to choose from.

With website builder, you can give various effects to your site. The tool is convenient for even the non-technical users as it is a simple drag-and-drop tool.

WordPress Optimization

For millions of users, Hostinger is the most preferred platform when it comes to WordPress websites. It provides PHP7 supports along with tons of optimization features, especially for WordPress sites.

Moreover, it also provides custom caching plugin, which takes care of most basic optimization techniques without the customer’s involvement.


How can I review Hostinger and not talk about its pricing structure! Right now, in the industry, it is one most cost-effective hosting service providers.

Hostinger provides 3 plans to its users:

Single Web Hosting- It is an ideal plan for beginners, which starts off as low as $2.15 for a month.

Premium Web Hosting-This intermediate packages offer almost all features as the business packages, with few exception here and there. It starts at $3.49/mo and is the most-selling plan of the company.

The Business Plan- The business plan is a superior plan. It starts at $7.95/mo. Although this plan seems little expensive. But for the unlimited bandwidth, disc space, and powerful cloud infrastructure, the pricing is excellent.

Secure Web Solutions

I find that Hostinger has invested a lot to give their customer a safe and secure hosting experience. The company is ICANN accredited registrar. It means that company is verified and has a strong financial ground and can be trusted.

Moreover, with Hostinger you can register a domain name directly without using a domain reseller that ensures your domain is always protected.

Hostinger also provides protection against DDoS attacks via Platinum BitNinja’s DDoS protection. This will ensure that your site remains accessible at all times.

Moreover, Hostinger also provides free SSL certification and  HTTP packets.

Customer Support

Hostinger support system is renowned for providing on-time help.  Although the company does not provide phone support yet its ‘Live chat’ and ‘Ticket support’ are prompt and reliable.

When I decided to personally test their support, I found that company is true to its claim. Both of its supports are available 24*7, all seven days of the week.

I tried out their ‘Live Chat Support’, and in the minute I was actually able to chat with their representative. The representative I interacted with was polite and technically sound.

Hostinger has strong customer support team that is available 24 hours to give you localized support every time.

Final Words

Considering its pricing and features, I can say Hostinger stands by its word. In the current online landscape, there is no such company that gives such advanced features at the very genuine price.

Hottinger plans are designed for everyone. Whatever needs you keep, it has a package of features that will go perfectly with your needs. So without a hesitation, go for Hostinger.

Why Hostinger is the Best Option to Start With?
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