How To Make Money With Hostgator Affiliate Program – Income Proof

If you are blogging for money then you might have aware that web hosting affiliate programs are most popular ways to make money from affiliate marketing. In fact many popular pro-bloggers are fetching huge affiliate income by promoting Hostgator affiliate program. You can check out the how Harsh Agarwal is making some good money from Hostgator affiliate program. In this article we will guide you to join Hostgator affiliate program and also let you know the how top bloggers are promoting the Hostgator hosting services.

Income Proof for Making Money with Hostgator Affiliate Program

Before proceeding further, here is the income proof from Hostgator Affiliate Program we made last month. You can check out that there are 3 sales happened from total 3 sales. Total income = $150.

make money hostgator affiliate

How to Join Hostgator Affiliate Program To Make Money Online

First of all you have to visit If you are planning to promote Hostgator India hosting then please visit website. But here we are sharing the guide for website only.

Scroll down the page and find out the “Become an affiliate” link. Click on the same and then provide your personal details to join the program. Besides that you can also promote Hostgator through Viglink as well.

Click here for Sign Up Hostgator Affiliate Program.

You can put your paypal email id as payment id to get your affiliate earning directly in your account.

How Much Money One Can Make with Hostgator Affiliate Program

Before proceeding further you can simply check out the Hostgator affiliate commission rate below.

hostgator affiliate program review

Hostgator provide a very health commission rate. The initial rate is $50 per sign up if you can make 1-5 / month and this can be $125/sign up if you can make more than 21 sign ups per month. That means if you can make 21 hostgator sign ups then your income form hostgator affiliate program will be $125 X 21 = $2,625. This is a very good amount of money.

Tricks to Make The Most of Hostgator Affilaite Program

  • The best way to promote any affiliate marketing program is by writing a extensive review. Share you entire experience from the beginning. Write about how to buy a Hostgator hosting plan and the how to apply Hostgator Discount coupon to get some discount.
  • And then write various articles about how to set up a blog on Hostgator and install WordPress.
  • You can also write articles about various Hostgator hosting issues and how to fix them.
  • Hostgator provide options to create exclusive coupon codes for affiliates. Create different coupon codes and promote them in your website.

Are you a web hosting affiliate marketer? How much money you are making from Hostgator affiliate program so far? Please share your experience and any tips to make this article useful for newbie bloggers.

How To Make Money With Hostgator Affiliate Program – Income Proof
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