High Domain Authority Expired Domains – Should I buy Them?

Are you planning to buy a new domain to start a website? Did you just read the benefits of buying an expired domain as they have good domain authority, page authority and back link profile? But do you know that it is always not that easy to buy a high domain authority expired domain and become successful in blogging.

In this article I will share couple of risks of owning an expired domain whether its having a high domain authority. If you are confused with the term, then check out what is domain authority & page authority and also how to check domain authority of a website.

Risks of Buying High Domain Authority Expired Domains

There are many websites who are selling expired domain names. E.g. Godaddy, Flippa, Moz expired domain etc. If you are lucky enough then an expired domain can really take you to the sky of success. E.g. just assume Harsh Agarwal has not renewed his domain Shoutmeloud.com and you got a chance to buy that one. Jokes apart.

But this is not going to a smooth journey though as if you can buy a complete website with content then it matters. Otherwise you will be tired of removing the 404 page not found issues.

Anyway, let’s discuss about few risks of buying an expired domain name with high domain authority.

  • Sometimes webmasters are manipulating many factors to increase the domain authority of a domain so that they can sell easily.
  • You will never know whether Google has penalized that particular domain name for link manipulating or building links in black hat ways.
  • If the domain you are planning to buy has thousands of contents then you have to struggle a lot to fix 404 page not found issues.

So, is it means buying an expired domain is a bad idea? Definitely not. But I think you should realize that one have to become a good expert in this area to do an audit properly to scan everything about the domain. If you can hire some expert and the proceed further to buy an expired high page rank domain name to build a solid website.

I would like to listen your words about this topic or have you ever bought any expired domains and are you able to get some success with that domain? Kindly write a simple comment below and share any tips & tricks to follow while looking for an expired domain name.

High Domain Authority Expired Domains – Should I buy Them?
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