5 Tips To Dominate Google Local 3-Pack

The process of getting your business to perfectly show up in the Google’s local 3-pack listings can be a very challenging task. Recently, a decision was made to reduce the number of listings from seven to three which has led to competition for the majority of the businesses since they are all fighting to get these few organic positions.

When your business is sitting in these top three positions, then you will be assured of a major change in terms of performance. These spots drive a website’s traffic, different phone calls as well as location visits.

In today’s world, most of the local searches are performed on mobile devices, and the number is increasing now and then. For you to be much competitive in the local 3-pack, below are some things you need to worry about.

google local-3 pack

A Perfect On-Page Optimization

It is a requirement that Google clearly understands the location of your business so that it can be able to return your site for different searches around your local location. If in any case, you have more than one location, whether, within the same city or different cities, it is a requirement that each has a dedicated page. By doing this, Google will be clear on the location each page represents as it crawls.

A major mistake that most people do is that of using the same content and simply changing the location and the address. You need to have a unique content in every single location page which is a good opportunity for optimization of these pages for multiple location-based search terms.

Relevant directory listings

Out there, you will find numerous directory submission services that will automatically submit all your NAP data across many business directories. This sounds a perfect idea although it can be horrible because you will also want your business information being tied to some spammy, low-quality directories.

The best idea here is to spend your time and submit your business to only the relevant directories manually. There are also mainstream directories such as Yelp and YP.com that will normally apply to everyone which creates a good chance to add your business to some industry-specific directories. Also, when submitting your business NAP to these directories, it’s very vital to enter your business name, phone number and a complete address as it appears on your website.

Local Reviews

One can also benefit very much by submitting a particular business across all large review websites. If you perform a quick Google search for the local businesses in your particular area, most likely you will be able to see some Yelp reviews to appear at the top of the search results. These types of websites are majorly favoured in search results and thus having your listings included on those particular sites will give you a chance for increased exposure.

Apart from ensuring that there is proper optimization of your listings, you also need to set up a system that encourages your loyal customer base to leave various feedbacks on the website.


One of the important and number one Google ranking signals still remains to be links. It is very important for one to understand what content marketing is and its importance in business. One of the major reasons is that it’s a great way of earning links. You won’t be able to gain much ground by simply posting a particular content. You need a compelling content that can trigger social shares that will help it spread easily across the web. If you are in need of links, you must also ensure that you secure some of the high-quality links using some ways as follows:

* Competition spying

* Educational partnerships

* Local partnerships

* Non-profit partnerships

Optimized Google Maps

google local seo
Source: LinkAssistant

There are four pieces of data shown in Google maps, i.e., your business address, phone number, your hours and review stars. The ratings are pulled over and thus having some clever systems to get all your customers to leave reviews helps your business in standing out in Maps. You also need to use a Schema markup on your site if you need your business hours to be displayed on the Google Maps listing.

In conclusion, the competition for visibility in the Google’s local 3-pack is getting more intense as days pass. Start now and help your business take the necessary steps in attaining a better position.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by Aka Sam, Digital Marketer and Lead Generation Expert at SamBlogs.com. He has ranked more than 1425 new sites in top 3 results this year.

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5 Tips To Dominate Google Local 3-Pack
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