Google Adsense PIN Not Received After 1 Month Of Issue

Have you received Google adsense pin issued couple week earlier? If not then here I will try to help you to find out why you are not getting your adsense address verification pin as per expected duration. There could be couple of reasons for which you might have not received your Google Adsense pin for address verification.

What is Google Adsense Verification PIN

Google has started this verification process to make sure that adsense account holders are having a valid address and before making any payment, they should validate the same manually by applying the address verification pin received by post.

Generally when your Google adsense account balance reach to $10 for the first time, Google team will send you a Google adsense address verification letter contacting secure pin. Now the question is how long does it take to get adsense pin? Generally it takes 3-4 weeks time to reach to your address.

But in case you did not receive google adsense pin even after 3-4 weeks time of issue, then there might be couple of reasons behind the same.

Why Google Adsense PIN Not Received – Possible Reasons

The very first question you should ask & check is whether the address provided by you while applying for adsense account is correct or not. Have you mentioned a valid landmark & areas so that post person can easily reach your address.

Check the nearest postal department and ask them whether any kind of document is there with them which you might have missed due to not present at the home address for a while.

In case you found that address you have shared is wrong, then you request new pin in Google adsense. Generally you will get 3 chances to raise a new adsense verification pin in a gap of 3-4 weeks And your address verification activity will be valid till 6 months after issue of the first pin. Keep a track google adsense pin to get updated.

Google Adsense PIN Not Received After 1 Month Of Issue
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