How To Make $10,000+ By Doing Food Services Jobs for Part-time in USA?

Looking for a Food Services Jobs in America for part-time basis? If you are a student who is pursuing higher study in USA, would definitely look for some passive income ways to improve your financial life and in such a case working part-time in various Food Services Jobs in USA is a good option.

I have friends, who has worked as a Pizza delivery boy or bar tender or restaurant attendant in their early days of career and make some serious money. Under Food Services Jobs in USA, there are various kind of jobs will be available and the best part of this part-time job is you will find various working shifts with which you can match your college or school timing.

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What is Food Services Jobs in America?

Hiring permanent employees is always a big liability and many kind of activities may not require people of regular basis. Food industry is such an industry when the customer flow may be low in week days or working days and very high in ween ends. At the same time, during lunch time the customers will be more and may little down in dinner time.

In such a case, restaurants or bakeries or every merchant in this industry is looking for people who can work on condition basis in shifts or part-time to handle the demand. E.g. waiter, pizza delivery boy, bar tender, quality checker in company, baggage handler, parcel maker etc.

As a student or high school kid, you can easily look for such job opportunities as they don’t need much knowledge as well. Easily grab such opportunities which will adjust with your timing and start making money.

How Much One Can Make by Working part-time in Food Services Jobs in USA?

I was just looking for and found some interesting data related to salary in Food Services Jobs in USA.  Based o the experience and position the salary is really attracting. But off-course, if you look for part-time opportunities, the pay scale will be low & billing will be in hourly basis.

Median annual wages were $18,300 for fast-food cooks, $42,350 for chefs and head cooks, and $48,110 for food-service managers in May 2011, the BLS reports. The top 10 percent of food-service managers earned more than $81,000.

Food Services Jobs in India – Is It The Best Part-time Jobs in India?

In India, when I searched for part-time jobs in Food service area I found most of the jobs are full-time basis and the salary is very low compared to America. E.g. In a Five star Hotels F&B Service Openings Delhi, GOA, Mumbai, the expected provided Salary is around 13,500 Per month with Sharing Accommodation Facility. In case you are looking for a part-time jobs in India in this segment, I think your payout will be very less, around Rs 5,000 depending up on the time & the brand you are opting for.

How To Find Food Service Jobs in USA?

I would say, its is quite easy in American as you can look for various popular job search portals in USA and start looking for such jobs. Read carefully the terms of service and how the payment will be done, before committing to someone. Try to search various queries like below to find out the suitable jobs near your locality.

  • food service jobs in hospital
  • food service government jobs
  • food service jobs list
  • food services jobs in schools
  • hiring food service jobs
  • food service job description
  • food service worker duties
  • food service worker salary

So, do you have any experience in working for any restaurant or hotel brand on part-time basis? How much money you have made and how good is opportunity in India, compared to America? Share your experience here by writing a a comment below with various tips & tricks to make more money from such part-time jobs in USA.

How To Make $10,000+ By Doing Food Services Jobs for Part-time in USA?
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