How To Fix Can’t log in after WordPress site URL change

Are you planning to change your domain name with a new domain? Did you try to change your WordPress blog URL via WordPress dashboard area? In that case did you able to change the domain name successfully or you are getting some log in issue?

I have recently tried to change the domain name of one of my websites. And all of sudden I was facing an error message when I tried to access my WordPress dashboard. In fact my entire website was broken in simple text. Although I was worried for a few minute, but I was able to fix this issue.

How to fix WordPress site url change can’t log in issue

Whatever changes we do in our dashboard area, they store in your WordPress tables. When you are not able to access your websites admin area from front-end, its time to login to cPanel area.

can't login wordpress admin area error

After log in to your cpanel area and look for database area. I took a screenshot for the same from my web hosting cPanel area. Click on the phpMyAdmin link and wait for few seconds to open the new screen.

You may not find the screen very comfortable. But its pretty simple to access the tables. Try to expand the left side table tree. If you don’t know the exact database table name of your WordPress installation, then try to click on each table and find out the file name WP_OPTIONS.

can't login wordpress admin area error

This is the file where all the information of your WordPress site settings information stored. Click on the same and you will be able to find out the similar screen below.

You can easily find out the parameters that you have changed. Simply correct the SITEURL & HOME information as per your actual domain name. Be careful when you edit the file, mistakenly don’t delete anything here. After changes simply save the file and close the window.

can't login wordpress admin area error

Now try to access your WordPress admin area and see whether you are getting any log in issue or not. Don’t panic, try to find out the solution of the same. I hope this is useful.

How To Fix Can’t log in after WordPress site URL change
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