Are Event Videos the Next Big Trend in Online Business?

Events are taking over in the business world. More companies are hosting their own events, from conventions to seminars to parties and live streams. Events are the only way that businesses can connect with their audience in a live, face-to-face atmosphere.

Furthermore, the power of digital marketing has been proven time and time again. If you are looking for the next big trend for your business to thrive, consider the business event video marketing tips below.

The Rising Popularity of Business Events

Business events are now being hosted across the globe. Companies large and small are starting to host frequent events to connect their audiences and increase conversions. Events are growing in popularity because of their effectiveness.

In today’s day and age, consumers want to work with a company face-to-face. They want to know the value of product or service that you’re selling. Videos are a potent tool that magnify the influence of events to all your consumers.

Local Events vs. Global Audience

Many businesses are based solely online. Hosting a local event is nearly impossible, as their consumer base is widely scattered. Instead, live streamed events can be utilized to connect the wider audience. Live streams are another specific trend that has been growing online for years.

Some businesses also opt for event tours, or hosting several similar events in various major cities. These types of events are often too out of scale for small businesses. But for larger companies, event tours connect consumers from diverse backgrounds. Event tours are also great for publicity.

How Event Video Marketing Contributes to Branding

Branding is a key aspect of any business in today’s market. People want brands, not intimidating, faceless companies. Events add character to your company. They give your audience something to hold onto. Events establish branding in a variety of ways:

1. Events provide an atmosphere.

Events provide an atmosphere for your brand to thrive. Moods or themes may be generated in online marketing. However, a true atmosphere can only be experienced in person. The staff, greeters, and speakers at your event can brand your company a great deal. This ambience can be amplified to a greater audience with event videos and live streams.

2. Events improve recognition.

The purpose of branding is building a distinction between your company and your competitors. If your competitors aren’t using event videos, be the first. You can increase recognition of your brand by distributing your event. Even if a potential consumer did not attend your event, they may have heard about it and, in turn, can recall your brand.

3. Events spark word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the marketing of all ages. Events are the ultimate tool to get your customers to talk about your brand. Social media users seldom post about a new product or service they use, even if the product has changed their life. However, they consistently post about new experiences they have. Your branded event could be one of those experiences.

4. Events generate publicity.

Events are a great way for a brand to gain traction in the industry news. If you are targeting a specific area, your brand can sprout from geographical branding as local news platforms and communities take interested in your event. If your target audience is more general, you can still gain attention with the press as your event penetrates your niche or industry.

5. Events establish your target audience.

Every detail of an event should be intricately traced back to your target audience. As you go through the steps of organizing a business event, you will potentially learn more about your target audience than you have with digital marketing. With your target audience in mind, you can build a brand centered around a mission that your followers love.

How Videos Relate to Event Marketing

As mentioned previously, not every single one of your followers, colleagues, and potential customers can attend your event. This is where event videos come into play. Creating a promotional video about your event can augment the effect of your event to a much greater audience.

Event videos inspire your viewers to attend your event, support your mission, and follow your brand. Other types of promotional videos are typically informative or entertaining, but event videos are particularly engaging. They show real people loving your brand. What could be more influential to move your viewers to action?

Event Video Ideas for Your Business

Want to make an impact in your marketing plan? It’s time to use event videos! Below are some event video ideas to start your next event marketing campaign.

1. Event highlights

An event highlights video exhibits the best parts about your event. This is a traditional post-event promo video to get people interested in what your brand has to offer. Showcasing your successful event will help prolong its effect with online viewers.

2. Timelapse

A timelapse video is a creative way to show off your event. The process of organizing, creating, and fulfilling the vision for an event is worth tracking. A quick one- to two-minute timelapse will entertain the audience, and you can connect their interest back to a call-to-action.

3. Music video

Music videos are great ways to amplify—literally—the mood and meaning of your event. If your event is a pumped up convention for hardcore gamers, use an appropriate techno tune to inspire the viewer. If you hosted a professional debate connecting entrepreneurs from across the world, orchestrate a music video with a motivating song.

4. Event invites

Event video invites are a great way to increase attendance to your event. This pre-event marketing tactic can help distribute your message more than a traditional digital invitation. More viewers will be encouraged to attend if they can see, not just read about, the benefits of going to your event.

5. Behind-the-scenes

A BTS video shows the raw side of your business’s event organization. Feel free to showcase every step, from planning to fruition, to show your audience the real side of your company. Behind-the-scenes of your event can help create clarity and connection between you and the viewer.

6. Product demo

If you present a product demonstration at your event, capture a video of it. Events are the perfect opportunity to promote a new product. Instead of creating an entirely separate digital marketing campaign for your new product, branch off from the marketing you have already done at your event. During editing, be sure to cut down and clean up the video as necessary.

7. Drone footage

Drones are the latest trend in event videos as they most accurately capture the atmosphere of an event. The right drone footage can transport your viewer to your event. Don’t worry—video camera drones are affordable to the normal business.

8. Interview or Q&A

An interview or question video gives your audience the chance to connect with your company and better understand your goals. Or, hosting an interview with a niche leader at your event can give you an extra publicity boost.

Wrap Up

Event videos can revolutionize your marketing strategy. They give you the power to connect with your audience—to pull them closer to the magic moment where they become your loyal customers. If you’re not convinced of the power of event videos, just look around. Are you following this powerful trend in online business?

Are Event Videos the Next Big Trend in Online Business?
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