How To Change Default Favicon In Genesis WordPress Theme

You might have noticed I have uploaded a new favicon to my Genesis News Pro child theme. By default when you install Genesis framework, you will find the default Genesis favicon will appear. This is a beautiful and very professional one, but this is specific to Genesis only.

Now as a blogger, when you are blogging for money professionally, you should brand your business properly by showing your own effort without using other’s resources. Favicon is like using a custom logo to give your website a branding. You should immediately change genesis favicon form your site after installing any genesis child theme. But do you think it is very difficult to do? Let’s find out.

Steps to Change Default Favicon in Genesis Theme

There are couple of ways to do that and add a new favicon to your WordPress blog. E.g. if you are comfortable accessing your Genesis framework core files via FTP then you just need to find out the default Genesis favicon path and replace the same with the new favicon.

Open Genesis image folder: public_html > [yourwebsiteroot] > wp-content >themes > genesis > images

You have to convert your favicon into .ico format with name as favicon.ico and then only replace the same.

Add New Custom Favicon to Genesis Framework using Easy Genesis Plugin

But if you are not ready to touch the code or Genesis framework core files, then just use the awesome free Genesis plugin and change your default favicon easily.

Change Default Favicon In Genesis

Simply install Easy Genesis WordPress plugin and go to your Genesis area in WP admin area.

As per the screenshot simply upload your favicon image and save the settings. Make sure you upload a square image so that it can crop and fit the area perfectly.

In this plugin you may need to disable few other features which will be applied as soon as you install this plugin. Simply disable them and only use this option to add new favicon to your genesis child theme.

If you find this short genesis guide useful, please share in Facebook or Twitter or Google+ and also write simple comment below to share your experience while changing the default genesis favicon with your new custom favicon.

How To Change Default Favicon In Genesis WordPress Theme
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