How To Cancel BlueHost Account in 2018 | Updated Money-Back-Guarantee Policy

So, are you not happy with your web hosting provider? Are you planning to cancel your Bluehost account and switch to another shared hosting plan? Or you might be upgrade your web hosting plan to any specialized VPS or dedicated hosting plan?

Whatever is the reason, in this article I will help you to explore the steps to cancel your Bluehost hosting account and get the refund in case eligible for refund as per their money back policy.

Things You Should Do Before Cancelling Your Bluehost Account

Whenever you plan to switch your web hosting plan, the biggest problem to face is the website downtime and missing necessary files, in case you have not planned things properly.

Make sure you are going to back up each and every single file and if possible the entire web hosting account in your computer or hard drive.

The best way to handle such scenarios is by taking website migration first. That means you should transfer your website from Bluehost to any other hosting first. In case your Bluehost account has multiple websites hosted, then do the same for all the websites. This will make sure that your websites are not hampered with this back change.

Steps To Cancel Bluehost Hosting Account

First of all, you should have a chat or discussion with Bluehost support team. You can approach them via Bluehost live chat option [you may have to wait for a while before get someone], by submitting a ticket or by calling the BlueHost customer service team using the phone number (888) 401-4678 via the #4 extension.

Then they will share an account cancellation link in your registered email address. On click of which a cancellation form will open up.

You have to fill up the form and submit. Then the billing team will validate and settle or refund any funds. After your cancellation is processed you will lost your account access and also whatever files you had. Check out the new Bluehost terms updated regarding the money back policy.

Bluehost Money Back Guarantee Policy Changed

As a Bluehost Affiliate, I got their latest newsletter update where they have shared that their money back guarantee clauses has been updated recently. Here is the details what I received through email:

We are updating our terms of service surrounding our Money-Back-Guarantee and we wanted to share those updates with you so that you can update your promotional material. The changes are as follows:

  • Bluehost customers will no longer get a prorated refund on their hosting services if they cancel after 30 days from the day they signed up
  • Customers will still receive a full refund on their hosting services if they cancel within 30 days of signing up

So, If you are planning to buy Bluehost shared hosting plan to start your first blog in 2017, then you should know about their terms & conditions clearly to avoid any problem in future. I hope you should not face any problem, as personally my website is running on Bluehost for more than 1 year and I am happy with their services so far. Although I don’t know what is coming next. 🙂

How To Cancel BlueHost Account in 2018 | Updated Money-Back-Guarantee Policy
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  1. Hey Santanu,

    First of all thanks for updating us, several people are engaged in Bluehost affiliate but most of them are unknown for latest details. You are really doing well to make people aware about latest changes in affiliate. Thanks for sharing.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Thank you Amar. Most of the time affiliate programs send notice to affiliates about wrong updation of articles with their policies and some time ban account. That’s why it’s important to aware and accommodate changes as per their expectation to keep our efforts fine.

  2. Dear santanu
    This is indeed a great alert!
    This hosters are really a different from many other hosters!
    I opted for a 3 year subscription, but sad to say that after almost one year trouble started and at once I canceled my account and opted for my two year balance subscription refund amount, Sad to say after a several repeated enquiry they responded and send the Balance after a huge reduction.
    So beware of this host. Read between the lines and join.
    Thanks Santana for this wonderful reminder.

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