Top 5 Bloggers Income Sources Beyond Their Blogs

Blogging is gradually getting huge popularity as everyone can see that many people are generating good amount of money from their blogs. We have already shared what are the major income sources of bloggers with which they are able to make money from their blogs online. But do you know what are the various other income ways a blogger can make money without his/her blog?

In this article, I will share the most popular and major blogging income sources beyond your blog. If you are planning to start a blog for money and looking for all possible ways to make money online, then check out the income ways for you outside your blog here.

Best 5 Ways Every Blogger Make Money Beyond Their Blog

Freelance Writing: When you become a good blogger, writing content would become your major skill. If you can extend this skill to the next level and write daily 2000 – 3000 + words a day, the you can help many other bloggers or web masters who are looking for freelance writers for their websites. But to become a good freelance writer, you have to be very comfortable to write in any niche & any topic, other wise you will find less opportunities.

Theme Customization: I have seen many bloggers gradually learn how to customize a WordPress theme and achieve the desired theme design. Many bloggers are easily customizing genesis framework and creating SEO friendly attractive website. Many pro-bloggers started their blogging journey with providing theme customization service to make money.

SEO Expert: If you are an SEO expert or digital marketing professional then the blogging world is a gold for you. You can easily provide SEO services to various clients and make good amount of money beyond your blogging income. In fact as blogger also you can take your blog to next level. One of my friend who is a working professional & SEO expert is making very good amount of money from taking SEO projects & working part-time basis on his free time, but he is not a blogger though.

Web Hosting Service: Every blogger is looking for a good web hosting service provider so that the website never go down and also able to handle high traffic. Although there are many hosting providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, WPEngine who are providing professional hosting plans, but there are many bloggers who are also providing good hosting service. Couple of my websites are hosted on managed by a famous pro-blogger of India, Jane Sheeba. Do you think you can start providing hosting service to make money beyond your blogging income?

Link Building: I receive many mails from various digital media experts who are asking for guest post opportunities for their clients. That means they are helping them to build backlinks to their client’s website by writing guest post. If you are a good freelance writer, then you can definitely start offering back link building service via guest posting and make good money.

Do you think this list of bloggers income sources beyond their blogs can be enhanced with more income ways? I believe yes and request you to write a simple comment below sharing your experience or thooughts to make this article more useful for our readers. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Top 5 Bloggers Income Sources Beyond Their Blogs
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  1. out of this list iam planning to start a web hosting affiliate. am new to affiliate marketing but the kind of niche i’ve chosen have a knowledge and i can promote easily but the only thing is which one is better bluehost or hostgator. Thanks mate sharing your ideas and your blog has lots of best money making methods helpful for many beginners.

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