Top 5 Good Places To Work at 18 Part Time Basis

Looking for good places to work part time for college students or high schoolers? Finding the best part-time job is not that difficult in USA or America. You just have to look around and choose from various opportunities. You can easily find a cool part time jobs and earn on hourly basis.

If you ask me what are the good places to work part time for college students at 18 years of age, then definitely you have to choose from many part-time jobs and it should be the highest paying part time job. Let’s find out some easiest part time jobs to get with high pay structure.

best places to work part time for college students

Best highest paying part time jobs for 18+ year

Lawn Care or Gardener

Lawn care is one of the easy to find part time job option as many people love to clean their garden. Gardening is a very good hobby and many people in America have moved to their country side houses after retirement and spending quality time in the gardens. try to find out such owners and if possible couple of them and make sure you get weekly basis contract. This will help you to generate some good income. In an average one can earn $175 per month in USA.

Pizza Delivery Boy

Pizza delivery is one of the best part time jobs for college students. If you have a bike or 2 wheeler then this is the best part time job you can easily do. You can easily make an average earnings of $125 per week, which is simply awesome.

Event Helper or Party Planner

Love to organise small parties or big celebration? Then you can make this as a full time profession in case you can make a very good netowk, you will get regular work. Keep in touch with your local friends and ask them to promote about yoru skills. You can easily make an average earnings of $10 per hour.

Baby Sitter or Nanny

Baby sitting is one of the most popular and best part-time job in America for teenagers. The requirement is obvious and one can easily find such jobs to make some decent money in short time. In case you love kids, then you will simply money while playing with kids. In an average you can earn up to $10-15 per hour.

Web Design

Web designing is already a proven way of making huge money as part-time or even full time. But in case you just want to work as a part-time web designer, then simply look for some online freelance assignment to make some quick money. Average Earnings: approximately $35 per hour or even more.

I have collected the salary or payment data from By the time you check, the data may get changed or updated. So, please look for the latest pay scale. This data is for reference purpose only. So, which one do you think will suite your need and interest. Share such cool summer job ideas here by writing a simple comment below.

Top 5 Good Places To Work at 18 Part Time Basis
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