Top 24+ Adsense Alternatives For Indian Publishers

Looking for Google adsense alternatives? Is Google adsense one of your major income source and you don’t want to experiment? Then you are at the wrong place as this article is for them who don’t have adsense account yet or whose google adsense account banned recently or for them who are looking to try all adsense alternatives to increase online income.

Making money from a blog has become very easy these days due online advertising programs like Google adsense and many other like this. Without any doubt, Google adsense is the best ppc networks for publishers. But that doesn’t mean that this is the only one in this whole world.

Getting a Google adsense account approval is not at all easy these days. So if you don’t have adsense account yet and you are looking for adsense alternatives in India, adsense alternatives for low traffic blog, adsense alternatives for indian publishers, Google adsense alternatives 2016 or adsense alternatives wordpress sites, then you are at the right place. I will share some useful websites where you can join and monetize your website easily.

Best High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives In 2016

I have prepare a list of such websites with whom you can monetize your content similar to adsense and make money online.

Google Adsense AlternativesRegister Link
Revenue Hits
Amazon Associates
Yllix Media
PropellerAds Media
Vibrant Media

So, do you think this is not enough to keep the hope of making money alive even if your adsense account application got rejected of your adsense account is banned recently?

How To Apply For These Adsense Alternatives To Money Online

Don’t think that as Google is becoming very tough on accepting new adsense applications, others are not. You will find tough times if you don’t follow the basic website building rules before applying for a publisher account in any of these adsense alternatives. Just follow few tips before applying for a publisher account which is also valid for adsense account application.

  • Make your website theme clean and easy to navigate. Choose a theme like Genesis framework to build a perfectly adsense ready website.
  • Write enough content so that your website look like genuine. Say no to low quality content.
  • Create all necessary pages like contact page, privacy, disclaimer etc to show that there are some actual people working behind these website.
  • Keep all on-page seo factors 100% perfect to attract search engine traffic.

If you ask me which of them are best google adsense alternatives 2016, the I will say infolinks & Revenue Hits. As many bloggers has been reported making more than $100 monthly income by joining these programs. Which one is worked good for you besides Google adsense program? Share your experience by writing a simple comment below.

Top 24+ Adsense Alternatives For Indian Publishers
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