How Sydney Make $18,970 Income Online From

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Today we will share the monthly income report of pro-blogger behind, Sydney. She made around $18,970 (Income) – $4,705 (Expenses) = $14,265 PROFITS as per her latest income report shared on her website. In this article we will share the major earning sources and the expenditure she is making in her everyday blogging. You can read the complete article about untemplater latest monthly income report here.

We don’t have her current picture, so just updating a general picture. We will be contacting her to get her latest picture and also if any comment she want to add in this article.

Sydney’s blogging journey, Story behind

Sydney is a pro-blogger who run and also involved in various freelancing work, writing activities and many more online marketing activities. Sydney is blogging from last 10 years and quit her 9 to 5 six-figure income job back in 2015 to live the life to the fullest in her own terms. Like every people she love photography, traveling the world. She is inspiring many bloggers and sharing many tips & tricks related to how many money online and live a self-controlled life.

Sydney’s Income & Expense Report in details

When you are planning to make money from blogging, you just can’t depend up on free stuffs or can’t continue for long with freebies only. Blogging is like a business and like every business one have to invest regularly to grow over the period of time. Let’s find out the details below.

Total Revenue Streams = $18,970


  • Project consulting $10,100
  • Editorial, writing, online marketing $3,780
  • Teaching music $45


  • Rental income $525
  • Dividends & Interest income $179
  • Prosper P2P investment income $12


  • Affiliate Partnerships: $3,146
  • Bluehost: $360
  • Profitable Online Store: $264
  • Advertising other: $230
  • Contextual Advertising (Adsense): $224
  • How To Engineer Your Layoff $80
  • Unconventional Guides: $20
  • Amazon Associates: $5
  • Genesis $0

Expenses = $(4,705)

BUSINESS: $(740)

  • Aweber, Marketing, Subscriptions, Fees: $(295)
  • Meals & Entertainment – business: $(280)
  • Travel – business: $(50)
  • Quickbooks: $(50)
  • Hosting, web related: $(30)
  • Supplies & misc: $(30)
  • Outsourcing: $(0)

PERSONAL: $(3,965)

  • Living expenses: $(3,550)
  • Meals & Entertainment – personal: $(270)
  • Shopping & misc expenses – personal $(120)
  • Travel – personal: $(30)

$18,970 (Income) – $4,705 (Expenses) =$14,265 PROFITS

For more information, please visit the income report page.

How Sydney Make $18,970 Income Online From
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