How To Find High Paying Adsense Keywords Using SEMRUSH For Free

Are you looking for high paying adsense keywords to increase your CTR and make money with Google adsense? Then what are the techniques you are using to find profitable high paying adsense keywords? Do you know that most adsense earner’s are making 80% of their blogging income just using their 20% of the keywords. In this article I will share the easy way to find high paying google adsense keywords 2016 using SEMRUSH tool for free of cost.

Before proceeding further, let me tell you what is SEMRUSH tool. SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research. This is a paid tool but yo can start with 14 day free trial SEMRUSH account and find out for which keywords your competitors are making money online.

Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords In Google AdSense

I have collected some awesome data which you will find very useful while planning to start a new blog to make money online. In fact I have collected the data from an info-graphic stating about most expensive keywords ever.

Search Queries or KeywordsHighest CPCSearch Volume in %
Conference call$42.050.9%
Cord Blood$$27.800.2%

That means, if you are running blog on insurance niche and the highest CPC bid set as $54.51 and you get around 100 clicks on that ad on certain page views. In that case your earning will be $5451/day (just an example). This is simply unbelievable earning.

But never try to start a blog to target these keywords as it will be impossible to rank for them. But you can create long tail keywords for them and try to rank for those keywords to make money with Google Adsense program.

Steps To Find High Paying AdSense Keywords Using SEMRUSH Tool for Free

Simply follow the step by step guide to discover what your competitors are ranking for and how much money they are making targeting high CPC keywords. You can then start exploring more about this keywords and write article to target their long tail queries for better ranking.

First of all visit website and provide the website you want to analyse. I have analysed, the tech blog run by father blogging in India, Mr. Amit Agarwal.

find High Paying AdSense Keywords Using SEMRUSH Tool free

Now choose the database as US and then click on search button. You will find a screen like below where entire traffic & keywords overview will be displayed.

High Paying AdSense Keywords Using SEMRUSH Tool

Scroll down a bit and then find out the keywords for which has been ranked for. There find out the view full report button and click on that.

On click you will find a detailed report will open with all the major keywords for which this website ranked higher in Google search. In the table of keywords, find out the CPC column and the sort the column by just a simple click. Now it will show all the high CPC keywords for which this website is ranked well in search engine. Check out the screenshot below.

find High Paying AdSense Keywords Using SEMRUSH Tool

Now this is a gold mine for a beginner which you can get absolutely for free with SEMRUSH tool. But there is some limitations in the free version. In case you want to complete control and to collect a huge list of  High Paying AdSense Keywords then go for SEMRUSH Pro version. use our special promo link with Semrush coupon attached to get maximum discount.

How To Find High Paying Adsense Keywords Using SEMRUSH For Free
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