8 Tips To Write A Blog Post For Organic Traffic

Want to increase organic traffic? Building traffic is one of the most tedious job for a newbie blogger, specially when you are working in a competitive niche like blogging and WordPress.

Almost everyone is making sure that their blog theme and design is highly SEO optimized and hosted in a very good web hosting provider to keep the key search engine ranking factors perfect.

But when we talk about organic traffic, the most important factor which works great for successful bloggers are what kind of content they are writing. Writing a blog post may not be that difficult these days, but to make it SEO optimized and search engine, one should know which kind of contents are more search engine friendly. In this article, I will share some 8 tips to write a blog post which can rank well to bring organic traffic.

How To Get Organic Traffic From Search Engine To Your Blog By Writing Article

Finding the proper topic to write is the key to get success in blogging. Here is the 8 type of content, you can plan to write in your blog to increase organic traffic.

How To & Tutorials

Mostly people search anything with the keyword How to or Tutorials. E.g. if you want to find some wordpress tutorial on Genesis header customization, you may search for How to + remove genesis header logo or something more specific term to find out. So, it is better to write more on how to guide and tutorial kind of articles.

Top 10 articles or Lists

Personally like many people, I love to read top 10 or list articles. The main reason is that one can know more information in a very short time or you can say without reading much. Writing top 10 articles will also increase your social share as well. E.g. if you read our best 5 summer jobs for students you will know all the websites in just few seconds at one place without wasting much time in reading and searching for.

Exclusive Review articles

Writing product reviews are another great ways to bring search traffic. Most of the products are searched with the terms like ” Product name + reviews” . In case you can write an exclusive & detailed reviews, then your chance of ranking better will increase. It is also good for affiliate marketers, as a good review can make good commission as well. E.g. we written article on Hostgator review where we are also sharing Hostgator coupons time to time.

Creating Inforgraphic

Info-graphics are the best content marketing strategy to make your blog post viral and bring huge referral as well as organic traffic. From a reader point of view, it is really amazing to read a huge article in shorter format with various graphical design.

Interview of Popular Bloggers

Taking interviews of popular bloggers or person of similar niche will also increase the blog engagement and attract more readers, more share. This will help to gain some good authority in long run, which will help to rank articles well. We can say that from our own experiences.

Any Burning Issue or Controversial topic

Writing of fresh topic or any new topic is always a great idea to bring organic traffic. Mostly people love to read about various scams, hacks or breaking news more. Although, we are not writing such content here, as this kind of topic mostly suite news websites only. But still, we are looking for something new in WordPress or Blogging world to publish.

Sharing Income Reports

Another great way to get huge organic traffic is by writing more about how great people are earning, celebrity net worth articles, bloggers income sources. These kind of articles are highly motivational for people. As a beginner everyone love to explore such topics only. If you like to read how much top bloggers are making every month, like I do then please follow our bloggers income report round up article.

Creating Round Up posts

Round up posts are already a proven way to bring good referral traffic and as well building blog authority & reputation. When you prepare a round up post covering various bloggers of your niche, then you will get good amount of share and promotion from all the bloggers mentioned. Although we have not shared any round up posts yet, but we are working on this area to maximize the benefit.

So, the kind of article you are planning to write will decide how fast your blog can get popular and bring good traffic in short period of time in long run. Whatever people are looking for you have to write that only, otherwise you will write for ghosts and always be in surprise why your blog is not getting organic traffic even if you are blogging for years.

8 Tips To Write A Blog Post For Organic Traffic
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