Studiopress Black Monday [Blowout Sale 2016] Get 45% Off ALL Themes

Hello All Studiopress & Genesis Framework lovers, here is the latest discount offer from Studiopress. I have received this newsletter just now with which you can get 45%maximum discount on all genesis child themes before Black Friday 2016 sale. You can read the complete details below shared by team itself.

best StudioPress black monday sale

Studiopress Black Monday Offer in August 2016

Black Monday … in August?

Pretty much. 🙂

You may recall that every year around late October or November we offer a big discount or valuable bundle.

Well, we recently ironed out our promotional schedule for the rest of 2016 … and this year’s Black Monday sale is not going to include StudioPress.

This is no slight to StudioPress. We just wanted to switch it up.

Offering you our best discount now, instead of waiting, gives you a head start on getting the best price for any new themes that you may want to acquire.

This way, you can update your design for 2017 sooner, instead of trying to do it during the oft-hectic, holiday-filled final two months of the year.

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Here are the details.

They are fairly simple.

You get 45% off … everything.

That means all themes, and as many as you want, are 45% off.

This includes our newest releases:

This also includes all third-party themes, including:

StudioPress themes are already a great value. You get the built-in security and stability of the original premium WordPress theme framework, plus you save thousands over what a custom design is likely to run you.

At 45% off, the value is through the roof.

(By the way, the public discount is 30%. You get the additional bump because you are an existing StudioPress customer.)

To start shopping for individual themes now, simply click your special returning customer coupon link.

IMPORTANT: You have to click that link to receive the discount.

You will see the discount applied on the individual theme pages and at checkout.

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And yes … the 45% discount works for Pro Plus too

If there are several themes you like, you should consider the Pro Plus All-Theme Package.

Your 45% discount gets applied to it too.

And it gets better.

If you want the Pro Plus Package, which gives you unlimited access to every current and future StudioPress theme (including third-party themes), we’re even going to waive the recurring annual payment of $99.95.

So instead of paying $499.95 today plus $99.95 every year thereafter for your Pro Plus Package, you get it all for just one discounted payment today of $274.97.

You maintain your Pro Plus access for as long as you keep your StudioPress account. You never pay again.

To learn more about Pro Plus, and how you’ll save more than $1,200, use your special coupon link:

After you click, look for the bright blue box that says “Get All Themes” … that will take you to the Pro Plus page where you will see your discount applied.

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Locate link to get big discount on Pro Plus All-Theme Package

Now for the catch 😉

Just kidding, there’s no catch. There’s just a deadline.

This is a one-week sale, so you don’t want to hesitate.

The 45% discount is valid beginning today and lasts through next Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

At that point, the 45% discount goes away, and you’ll pay regular prices through the end of 2016.

Take advantage now. Don’t pay more later.

Click here to get 45% off all individual themes or get every theme in our Pro Plus Package (with no recurring payment)

REMEMBER: You have to click that link to receive the discount.

The sooner you hop on this offer, the sooner you can get a fresh new coat of paint on your site.

Thanks for your attention to this email. Have a great week.
Jerod Morris
VP of Marketing
Rainmaker Digital

Studiopress Black Monday [Blowout Sale 2016] Get 45% Off ALL Themes
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