How To Make Money From Personal Finance Blog – Justin Makes $20,022/mo

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StudioPress Sites July 2016 Income Report $20,022/mo – : Today I will share another blogger who is making huge money from his blog which on personal finance niche. In today’s blogger’s money making secret series I will share about Justin Weinger’s income report and how is he making huge amount of money just running a blog on personal finance niche.

Justine is making $20,022 revenue in a month. Yes, I am talking about of who has started his blogging journey back in 2011. As per the latest income report of, the total revenue of June 2016 is $20,022. This is a good amount of money and with this the net worth of Justin Weinger has touched $4,00,000 in just 4 years. Its really inspiring. Let’s find out the income sources from where he is making money online.

Blogging journey of has been started by Andrea back in 2011. But till 2013, she met Justine and at a point of time she sold the website to Justin. Justin was a personal finance guy who found that blog a perfect platform to express his skills & knowledge about personal finance & money management. Within a short period of time this website has seen a terrific upward growth from traffic & earning point of view. Please visit the about us page of to know more about the website as well as the writer.

Justine Weinger’s Income Sources

Let’s find out the major income sources from where the monthly earning has reached up to $45,896 in 4 years time.

  • Advertising sales: $22312
  • Expenses: $2810
  • AdSense/Clickable Ads: $488
  • Total net income for June 2016: $20,022 (after all the expenses)

So, the major earning is coming from various advertising sources. The Google adsense revenue is very little compared to the advertising sales and surprisingly there is no affiliate income. For more details please follow his latest income report.

What is the learning here ?

Majority of bloggers who are sharing income reports are from affiliate marketing or blogging background. Justine is the first blogger I found who is making good money from a personal finance blog. Later I tried to discover similar bloggers and I found there are many personal finance blogger who are making even huge money online.

In this income report what I find interesting is the amount of money earned via advertising revenue. Actually personal finance niche is one of the biggest niche where advertisers are spending like anything. In fact this is one of the most profitable adsense niches as well. Although the adsnese income is really surprising. Besides that I have also found Bluehost affiliate banner in his blog as well which is one of the most promoted web hosting program.

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