SendPulse Review 2018 – Send Bulk Emails, SMS and Web Push Notifications

SendPulse Review 2017: People, especially working in the corporate world check their email several times in a day. Most people have multiple email addresses for both personal and professional usage, due to which, email is the most direct and easy way to reach out users. Marketers use this as a medium to reach new audience, and keep the existing ones engaged with the service.

What is SendPulse & Is It The Best Marketing Tool?

Today, there are several services which can track email campaign results and send emails for your business. SendPulse is one of these services that allow the user to configure their subscription mail, while also increasing the open rate.

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Typically, the average open rate of emails is 15 percent. Using SendPulse, a person can get up to or more than 25 percent. The main reason for this is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) system that has been implemented into the software. The AI system is able to look into the user’s behaviour and note down things like time of email openings, recent product purchases, layout used, content read, time zone, preference and many other important points. By utilizing this information, the system predicts the appropriate time for contacting the subscriber.

Mainly, there are three communication channels through which most marketing companies reach out wider audience. These are as follows:

  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Web Push notifications

SendPulse allows the user to reach a wider amount of audience not only through emails, but also through push notifications and SMS. Furthermore, if you wish to reach out the audience using a series of SMS, web pushes and emails, you can also start an automated complex campaign.

key features of sendpulse

SendPulse Email Features

Following are some of the popular email features of SendPulse, which can be easily accessed by anyone:


Email marketers have constantly focused on the personalization aspect of email marketing. Almost 94% of the companies agree that personalization has attracted more users. The more you know your customers, the more openings you will have. Personalization is something that is integrated into SendPulse, and can be used in the subject line as well as the email body. It can insert information previously collected from the recipient, such as:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Date of Birth
  • Company & Position

Drag and Drop Editor

With the Drag and Drop editor, anyone can create colourful and unique templates. It does not require any extra knowledge, and even a beginner can do so. The editor works using set of blocks, which can be chosen and dragged in place easily. All the key elements are placed at the left side of the editor, such as buttons for social links, video blocks, separator, buttons, text, new section.

Any template created in the builder will display correctly in any screen resolution automatically. Email template can also be created using a normal HTML editor or by uploading a template from an external file, or simply by pasting in the HTML code.

Large collection of Responsive Layouts

If you are not the creative type, and do not wish to create a hand-made personal template, worry not. SendPulse offers various different free responsive layout template in its free email templates gallery. More than 100 variants of these layouts can be found for several topics, including business, travel, holiday, e-commerce, education, health care, religion etc. Modify the content and your email is ready to be sent.

How Much SendPulse Will Cost Me?

You can start with their free plan If you have less than 2,500 subscribers. You can send up to 15,000 emails per month for free which is simply amazing as a beginner. For higher numbers, you can buy their monthly subscription which will cost you @ $9.85 for 2500 subscribers and you can increase the number of subscribers and accordingly price will be hiked.

For any sort of custom requirement, you can contact them with following way.

  • +1 (415) 800-2960
  • skype: sendpulse
  • email:
SendPulse Review 2018 – Send Bulk Emails, SMS and Web Push Notifications
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