How To Remove Genesis Primary Sidebar Widgets In Mobile Devices

Have you noticed most of the successful blogs are showing different in any mobile devices compared to the desktop version? The major difference you might noticed is the many primary sidebar widgets which is present in desktop site but not in mobile device. In this short genesis guide series, I will share easy ways to remove genesis primary sidebar widgets in mobile devices.

If you are using the default Genesis Framework or any responsive mobile genesis child theme, then you might have noticed that your website is showing the primary sidebar widgets after the content or below the post area in mobile devices. How to disable some of the primary sidebar widgets from Genesis framework mobile version permanently?

Steps To Remove Genesis Primary Sidebar Widget In Mobile Devices

You can easily achieve this feature by using a free genesis plugin, Pojo Device Widget Pugin. Simply install that plugin and check out every widget which you don’t want to display in the mobile devices.

You can find out that there are many options to keep the widget hidden. They are

Show on all devices

  • Visible Desktop
  • Visible Tablet
  • Visible Phone
  • Hidden Desktop
  • Hidden Tablet
  • Hidden Phone

Choose the last one to get your problem resolved. You can also experiment with the other options to get your primary sidebar widget removed from mobile devices.

If you are comfortable editing genesis theme CSS file code, then you can easily write MEDIA query code to limit various parts of your theme to show/hide as per devices sizes. But this need a very good knowledge in php coding. So, don’t just play if you are not 100% confident.

If you find this tutorial useful, please share with your friends and also write a comment below to share your experience of customizing genesis child themes using any WordPress plugin or by changing the code dirently.

How To Remove Genesis Primary Sidebar Widgets In Mobile Devices
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