When Is Next Moz Domain Authority Update

Are you looking for your website’s domain authority after implementing all SEO checklist of building some back-links for your domain? But all of a sudden you have realized that there is no such change in DA. Then when will be the next domain authority update so that you can find the changes you have worked for?

Domain authority is the most discussed topic in the world of SEO & blogging. Actually after Google’s reluctant to update the page Rank or PR there are only few options left to know how well is your domain ranked in Google. These 2 factors are Alexa & Domain authority from MOZ. I am sure everyone is checking Alexa ranking daily, but experts always doubt about Alexa rankings.

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When Will be Next Domain Authority Update from MOZ?

So, the only factor left is DA which has become very crucial these days as every blogger is trying to increase their domain authority to impress the digital marketing world. There was a speculation that, Google is considering DA value while calculating their ranking algorithm, which was later neglected by Google team saying that they have their own algorithm and ranking calculation rule.

What is Domain authority and who is releasing Domain authority?

It is MOZ, formally known as SEOMOZ. They are considering many search engine ranking factors which Google is also considering and then calculate MOZ factors like Moz authority, Moz trust etc. These factors together calculate Domain authority.

Now, according to MOZ experts DA is updating in monthly basis. But it doesn’t mean that your DA improvement steps may reflect immediately. It may take 2-3 updates to reflect your next domain authority. You can easily find a fruitful answer by MOZ in a similar question asked.

For next Moz Domain Authority Update, Please follow Moz API update page.

When Is Next Moz Domain Authority Update
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