How To Become a Nanny or Babysitter & Make $15 per Hour

Good part time summer jobs for college students: Do you how much nanny or babysitter jobs can make money for you in this summer? If you are looking for best summer jobs for teens & school students then nanny or babysitter jobs can be the best option to explore. Do you that one can make around $15 per hour and maximum even $25 depending up on various situation & experience.

If you like kids and passing time with them, then I think nanny or babysitter jobs are the best option for you to generate some passive income for you pocket money. In fact if you are serious and want to make nanny or babysitter as full-time career then also you can think about it.

best Nanny or Babysitter jobs in america

What is Nanny or Babysitter Jobs?

In the busy world, now a days almost every couple is working together to make some decent money to live a decent life. And also save some money for their retirement and upbringing the kids. In such a busy schedule, sometime ist is getting very difficult to look after the kids.

Here comes a part-time job opportunity for teens & high school students, who can earn money by looking after those couple’s kids. The activity may differ depending up on the age of the kid and how much difficult to get the kid engaged & managed. Accordingly one can demand money.

What is the Salary of Nanny or Babysitter Jobs?

The salary for babysitter is completely depend up on mainly the age of the kid. The more adult kid, the high the charges are. In case you have more than 1 kid, then also you have to pay higher fee. Generally the charge vary from $12 -$20 / hour depending up on cases. In case the family staying nearby, you can ask for less money as transportation cost will not be that much.

How to apply for babysitter jobs?

If you are free and want to make extra money on this summer, then definitely you can contact to some daycare unit or contact parents who are looking for babysitters and make some extra money. Generally look for newspapers or local advertisements to find such babysitter jobs.

As a babysitter you should have below skills & expert to make more money: Love kids, Patient, Responsible, Experienced, Full of energy, Good teachers ,  Flexible, Playful, Sensitive, Trustworthy, Skilled etc.

Where to find Nanny or Babysitter Jobs Online?

If you are looking for BabySitter jobs online, then check out these amazing 2 websites to get in touch with parents and get the best part time job for this summer,. The 2 websites are and

BabySitter Jobs in India?

In India, if you are looking for such jobs then you will get very easily these days. But the payout is very low and as per my understanding the class of people handing such jobs are also different. May be in top cosmopolitan cities, you can find such opportunities, but things are not same as America. So far I found only Aaya or regular maids are doing this kind of activity @ Rs 8,000 – 15,000 maximum per month basis. You can check out for BabySitter jobs in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai or Delhi etc.

In America, one can think about babysitter jobs as full time career also, if with time if you learn how to handle kids well and how to communicate & manage them well.

How To Become a Nanny or Babysitter & Make $15 per Hour
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