How To Make Money Online in 2018 By Writing & Selling e-Books Online – Beginners Guide

Have you always been excited at the thought of writing and selling e-books online, but can’t just figure out exactly how to go about it? Perhaps, the mere thought of writing a book intimidates you, even though you have the passion for writing.

Have you always been excited at the thought of writing and selling e-books online, but can’t just figure out exactly how to go about it?

Perhaps, the mere thought of writing a book intimidates you, even though you have the passion for writing.

make money writing selling ebooks online

Whatever be the case, I have got some good news – you don’t have to be a veteran writer or be connected to influential publishers to publish an e-book and sell it online. In essence, what you need is a strategy, an effective one at that, and, of course, a heart to write no matter what.

Thankfully, there are lots digital publishing platforms like Kindle That have turned obscure writers to celebrity writers – you too can become one.

That being said, let’s get down to business, but first the basics.

The basics – why sell e-books?

Why choose the e-book route rather than the conventional hard cover book publishing?

Is the juice really worth the squeeze – what if the whole writing and selling e-book stuff end in fiasco?

Can I build a reputation as a writer with this approach?

I could go on listing the endless streams of questions that pop into the mind of wannabe electronic book publishers. Here is the deal – there is a boatload of benefit that come with becoming a self-publisher, and the downsides are low, if not existent.

  • Zero startup cost: You don’t have to pay a dime to printing press
  • You keep all profits: If you were to write for a traditional publisher, for instance, you could get 30 to 45% of the proceed – the rest goes to the publisher
  • Little troubles with rejection: Nobody likes rejection, writers are no exception. With e-book publishing, there is little risk of being rejected by a publisher.

The list is endless, but we will end it here. Now, it is time to write your first book.

Getting started –finding what to write on

To avoid heart wrenching disappointment, it is important that get your mindset right before penning down a word: Success will most likely not come instantly. In fact, most successful e-book publishers met success after writing five to six books.

You’re in for a long haul, so be patient – it’s gonna take a while to make sizable income with your new found business venture.

That settled, let’s get on with picking a niche – the type and genre of book you will be writing on.

When it comes of picking a niche, you have got two broad category to select from: story writing (novels, novella, short story etc.) and non-storing writing (guides, tutorials, a course etc.)

If you chose the former, then genres like romance, thriller, and narratives might constitute a bulk of your writing. If you haven’t written a novel before, chances are you might have a hard time putting together a story, even though you have a genre in mind. This, however, wouldn’t be a problem if you are willing to think outside the box.

Do you have a love story to tell, or perhaps know some that does? Or maybe you have had a life experience that is worth writing about. Go ahead and build a story around them. Alternatively, find inspiration for a killer story by observing all that go on around you – the movies you watch can even be a source of inspiration.

But if you settle for non-story writing, finding what to write about is as easy as sipping a cup of coffee. What are you so good at that and you can teach others? It could even be something simple as running a family on low budget, how to prepare juice out of fruits, how to play a guitar – look deep and you will find something.

You would be surprised to find out that thousands of people are willing to pay to learn what you already know.

Bottom line: be creative – allow your imagination run wild.

Writing the book

After figuring out what to write on, next is putting words together to create a book.

The very first thing you need to pay attention to is the title of your book – it has to be compelling enough.

Now, crafting a killer title is a form of art which can only be mastered with time. Generally speaking, a good title should be:

  • Intriguing
  • Arouse curiosity
  • Paint a picture of what the book is all about

To get on with writing an enticing headline fast, do a Google search to find interesting books written by others.

Talking about length, the word count of a book isn’t set in stone. Short stories, for instance, fall between 500 to 5,000 words. The same goes for how-to guides and tutorials. Novels, on the one hand, brew at over 50,000 words. Ideally, 6,000 words and above should do for an e-book.

After writing, next is editing and designing a book cover.

Editing a written piece of work is time consuming, no doubt, but it is a vital necessity. It gets harder when you are your own editor. But since you can’t afford to pay an editor now, seek the help of friends. Better still, hire a freelance editor on Fiverr – this shouldn’t cost you more than $15.

Next to writing an enticing book title is designing an eye-catching book cover. If you aren’t good at graphics design, download e-book cover templates or outsource it to a designer on, well, Fiverr. Lastly, give a shot at Amazon’s book cover design tool – it is free!

Promoting your book

Saved the last for the best.

If nobody is reading your book, you will definitely not make a dime from your craft. Put simply, it is not enough to put together an e-book, getting it in front of readers is where all the juice is.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can go about this:

  • Uploading to self-publishing platforms: There are lots of them out there. Interestingly, they also help with the promotion of your book. Amazon Kindle and Smashwords are both good places to start
  • Social media marketing: People love being entertained, and the best place to find them is on social media platforms like Facebook and Google hangout. Create fanpages and groups on, say, Facebook to reach them with your book. If possible, give them some chapters of your book for free in the hope of creating a hook.
  • Get active on forums:If you book bothers on weight loss, get active on forums where people hoping to lose weight congregate. Don’t go salesy – first give something of value to gain their trust

Wrapping things up

The e-book industry has over the years snowballed into a multi-billion industry, and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. With determination and some ingenuity, you can get your own share of the pie, fast.

Author Bio: Ike Christopher is a blogger and freelance writer. He teaches his readers how to be financially independent on his blog, theProhustler. Feel free to stalk him up on Twitter.

How To Make Money Online in 2018 By Writing & Selling e-Books Online – Beginners Guide
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