How To Make Money Online By Posting Ads on Free Classified Sites

Are you looking for make money online opportunities and discovered many online jobs like earn money by posting ads without investment or make money posting ads on Facebook or get paid to post ads for companies online etc. Let me tell you that, all of them are scam. Yes, most of such online ad posting jobs are scams these days.

Then how one can earn money by posting ads online? There are many options to utilize classified websites and make money from those websites. In this article I will share some legitimate ways to earn extra money from home by posting free ads on classified websites.

online ad posting jobs without investment from home

Ways To Earn Money Online by Posting Ads on Free Classified Websites

Due to the evolution of internet there are many types of online money making opportunities one can do these days. Although ad posting jobs are mostly scam, but there are ways one can use these free ad posting work and earn money online.

Create Your Own Product and Promote Free by Posting free Ads on Classified Sites

If you can create any digital product like a eBook or any mobile app and you want to promote the same, then this technique is one of the best way to bring free traffic. You can easily post free ads to promote various features of your product without any investment. If you want to do the promotion aggressively, then hire someone who can post free ads on-behalf of yours. Here is an opportunity for someone who is looking for free legitimate ad posting jobs.

Tips to post a Free ad

  • You can register with different email ids to create various accounts with same classified website and promote your product.
  • Make sure your ads are not copied from others.
  • If you are posting multiple ads on same website, then highlight different aspects of the product.
  • Try to use different ip or computer in case you want to create multiple accounts with same ad posting site, so that you can’t be banned.

Create a Classified website and make money from advertising

Another way is by launching your own classified website. This is one of the best way to make money by using advertising networks like Google adsnese. But to do that you need proper blogging knowledge. You may find our ultimate WordPress guide for that. Now again, to maintain your classified website and bring traffic and new content everyday, you might need some one who can work for you. Here is another opportunity for some one who is looking for legitimate online ad posting jobs.

Tips To work with a classified website 

  • If you are approached by a classified website to write content or promote the same ask the details clearly.
  • The best way to get some genuine income is by sharing revenue becoming partners, be clear about the same.
  • Learn the tricks to bring users in your classified website and ask them to write their queries.
  • You can also follow other classified websites and take various queries people are posting.
  • Buy some user database to promote your classified website and request them to post various ads they want.

Sell Used Good and make Money Online

Now this is an interesting task to and now a days very popular due to TV ads from OLX, simply “Bech de”. Well, there are many used products which have huge demand online. As people are shifting cities in every 2-3 years, most people are trying to settle down with used furniture, electronics and other items. In that case you may collect such materials and then post free ads to sell them online. In case you have some old stuffs to sell online, then don’t wait.

Tips to sell online using free classified sites

  • Make sure you have taken the picture of the product carefully, covering maximum clarity and details.
  • Try to keep the bills to make the sell smooth. If possible keep the warranty details also.
  • Try to make the discussion over phone clearly before scheduling a visit. If that person is really interested, send him/her more pictures and other documents.
  • Keep the price of the used product competitive. You can do a research and how much the actual price should be, before asking for some unrealistic price.

So, do you still think its not possible to make money online posting ads on free classified ad sites? Well, I believe there are couple of ways in which we can think this topic and really find some ways to make passive income. Do share your feedback or any experience related to this topic by writing a simple comment below.

How To Make Money Online By Posting Ads on Free Classified Sites
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