How To Make Money With a Blog – Beginners Guide

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How a blogger is making money online and living his/her life with full self-controlled terms? Wondered, then in this article I will share about the best income ways for a blogger in 2016 with which one can take the first step towards make money blogging. Don’t believe my words, just check out how one of top Indian pro-blogger Harsh Agarwal is making $21,000 income from his blogging networks.

I hope you are aware about what is a blog or a website. If not then you can find out google or your favorite search engine. But if you ask me, a blog is nothing but a online platform where one can share the thoughts or any product promotion in the form of content. But there are many other technical stuffs to make this definition complete. Anyway, lets come to the topic and discuss how a beginner blogger can make money from his/her new blog in 2016.

Top Blogger’s Income Ways to make Money in 2016

There are many of ways to generate good income from your blog. In fact you will find articles where 101 ways to make money from blog. But out of all of them here I have listed out the top preferred income ways by most of the pro-bloggers.

Paid Post or review articles: If you have a technology blog or a product related blog, then you can easily attract merchants towards your blog and then write product reviews or paid post articles to generate some passive income. Make sure the content or the topics are related to your blog niche to stay safe from Google’s eye.

Selling an Ad space: In case your blog has a good traffic or have something unique to offer which can predict a good traffic in future, you can easily monetize your blog traffic by selling some ad space or website space. Simply login to platforms like and you will get many advertisers who wil pay you for showing their banners.

Google Adsense: Google adsense is the best way to monetize a blog traffic. But getting an adsense account approval is little tricky these day , but not impossible. Simply make a useful website with some high paying blogging niche like finance, insurance etc and then apply for an adsense account. On approval you can easily place the ads in your content and get paid for clicks.

Infolinks or other contextual link advertisers: Infolink also another good way to monetize your content. Simply apply for an account and it will be done very soon as its easy to get approved. Infolink is a contextual link advertising media in which your website content will be linked with monetized words or phrases of your website. Again whenever someone will click on t hem you will get money. There are many other popular contextual networks like viglink, cuelinks etc.

Affiliate Marketing: Now this is the big fish and I am sure can’t possible to conclude as a single point of this article. Affiliate marketing is the major source of incomes of many top bloggers. There are plenty of such networks where you will get to know about various merchants or companies who are interested to share a commission with you in case you can help them by promoting their products via your website. When someone visit your website and buy that product using the links you have placed in your article, you will get a commission. Few of the popular affiliate networks are Commission Junction, Viglink, Shareasale, Avangate etc.

Develop your own product: Can you develop something like a mobile game, write an ebook, prepare some training or tutorial session or any kind of life hack software or tool? Then you can make good money by selling your product online using various ways. Recently I have collected income secrets of, where Matthew is making good amount of money by developing mobile games.

So, do you think it is really impossible to make money from a blog in 2016? I think making money is not impossible, rather starting a blog and building it to certain level to generate online income is a tedious process, but not impossible. Just patience and blogging best practices is enough to make a blog successful.

How To Make Money With a Blog – Beginners Guide
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