Is Affiliate Marketing For Me?

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Affiliate, as the English word means is to be officially attached or connected with an organization or a group. Affiliate marketing, on similar lines, requires you to be officially attached to a merchant of goods or services who agrees to pay you for each customer that they get through your reference.

Affiliate Marketing Tips
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In an online setup, affiliate marketing requires you to refer customers to the merchant’s website for executing a sale. In short, it is based on the concept of commission earning. E.g. you can checkout my experience with Bluehost affiliate program and how I have earned some commission with few sales.

While it sounds simple- you refer, they earn and then they pay you for it, but there are quite a few things to be considered and put right before it makes any business sense.

If you have always thought of doing affiliate marketing, you must consider the following before getting started:

How much of struggle can you endure?

A successful affiliate marketing plan starts with patience. Yes, that is important because there is no set income level guaranteed in this. The income varies day to day and may fluctuate greatly.

There are a lot of things to be experimented about and learnt like the products you talk about and frequency of posting articles (discussed below) etc.

You are sure to come across people who are making huge money while you wouldn’t seem to get started but it’s all about enduring the learning curve which has a slow gradient upwards flowed by a flat trend before you accelerate into the upward trend.

What is going to be your niche?

Next, you need to find out the products you want to talk about. Remember, a niche site is always better. Like, instead of a blog or website that talks about all home products, the one that talks about home cleaning products will get better mileage.

Similarly, instead of a blog post that reviews all phone and laptop accessories, the one that talks about best earbuds for small ears will be trusted more by the search engine as well as the visitors leading to the higher execution of sales, and therefore, a higher income level for you.

You can always use the tools like SEMRUSH, SEO PowerSuite, Long Tail Pro etc used by pro-bloggers for your research for profitable keywords.

Do you have a digital property?

Besides everything else, a successful affiliate marketer must have a user-friendly blog or website that talks enough sense to rank well in search engine. It is also important to decide whether you are attracting the users who are exploring a product or the users who are already in the sales funnel.

The latter helps affiliate plan better. Expert reviews, user reviews, video reviews, product launches, etc. are different ways in which you can offer engaging content to your users. Niche content will help build traffic, and growing traffic will lead to more references landing on the merchant website.

To get started with affiliate marketing and sustain the plan, you must have access to new content periodically. Updating the existing content with new information also helps. In short, you will have to keep up your search engine ranking and improve it to keep affiliate income coming.

Which affiliate plan do you want to work with?

Having known all of these things, it is wise to invest time in understanding different affiliate plans. Not all of them are the same. Also, within the same affiliate plan, the percentage of commission varies across different categories of products.

Where to find profitable affiliate products: Checkout Shareasale, Viglink etc.

The percentage commission coupled with the value of the product that you talk about on your blog should play a major role in deciding what products you would talk about on your blog.

It is a good idea to find out from people who are doing it so that you know which affiliate plans are really good. To identify such people, you may joins forum that are exclusively for affiliate marketing

Like all other fun things, affiliate marketing, too, involves hard work, fun, and excitement when you see it grow day by day. So, look out for a good affiliate plan, get all the facts together and get started.

Is Affiliate Marketing For You? You can share your thoughts and experiences here by writing a simple comment below which will definitely make this discussion worthy for beginners.

Is Affiliate Marketing For Me?
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