1000 Backlinks @ $5 To Increase My Domain Authority – Really?

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In the age of domain authority, where Google has clearly said that they will not update page rank in future, link building has been become one of the top priority among bloggers. Buying links from some SEO expert company is nothing new, but after realizing the fact about link building to gain good domain authority, the link selling promotion has changed.

Recently while answering some query in a forum, I have discovered an ad who are providing 1000 backlinks @ just $5 only. Do you think in of post-penguin & post-panda age, it is so cheap to build so much quality backlinks and get a good domain authority? If your blog has a good domain authority, then you should know what benefits you can exploit in this search engine ranking world.

Why You Should Not Try To Build Paid Backlinks in 2016 for Domain Authority

Paid Back-links by default black hat SEO techniques in 2016. One should not just lured by such success as this will boost your search engine ranking and blogs authority for a very short period of time. Just think, when pro-bloggers are spending their entire time & years to build authority of their website, then how come just spending $5 one can achieve such reputation overnight?

If you are planning to start event-niche blogging, then you might try to try these kind of paid backlinks which will help your micro niche site rank very fast & by the time Google penalize your website your blogs purpose may be served. But this is a very risky path and only bloggers with deep SEO knowledge and expert in this arena can handle this kind of success.

For all other bloggers, try to build links naturally and slowly with time by blog commenting, guest posting, directory link submission etc. It should take time to build a good domain authority if you consider best way to build links naturally in 2016.

That means all paid backlinks strategies are Scam?

I don’t think so. There are many bloggers who are accepting paid guest posting, write guest articles for your domain to build links in a white hat way. You should try to find out such services which will actually help you to build links over the period of time & naturally. You can find many such services on fiverr.com.

So, what do you think about this topic of increasing domain authority by buying paid back-links in short period of time? Share your thoughts or any experiences here by writing a simple comment below.

1000 Backlinks @ $5 To Increase My Domain Authority – Really?
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