Quick WordPress Installation Guide on Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the best WordPress hosting provider for beginners to kick start blogging in 2016. After migrating from blogspot to wordpress, I am just talking on WordPress wherever possible. The reason is simple, I am in love with WordPress and with Hostgator, you will just converting your love to commitment.

In this article I will share how you can easily install WordPress on Hostgator and get your website live in just few clicks. This article will be beneficial for both Hostgator India or Hostgator.com as the steps are same to follow. You can choose any one as per your preference.

Sign Up Hostgator Shared hosting Plan

The very first thing you have to do to buy a shared hosting plan from hostgator. BABY plan is the best hostgator shared hosting package to start blogging. You can check out the key features of Hostgator BABY plan first. We have already shared a quick guide for beginners about how to buy a web hosting plan from hostgator.

Check out Hostgator India or Hostgator.com.

After completion of your hosting shopping, you will get all the details about cpanel urls, passwords, DNS records and other details. The next thing you have to do is to configure the DNS records with your domain name. Then add the domain name as add-on domain via your hostgatot cpanel. Now you are ready to follow the WordPress installation process.

Steps To Install WordPress on Hostgator

Follow the step by step guide to install WordPress on your Hostgator website easily.

First of all access you cPanel and visit to software/services section, click on the Quick Install icon

In the left menu, under Popular Installs, click WordPress, then click Install WordPress. You will find a form where you have to fill up the details like below.

install wordpress hostgator

Here is the details that you have to fill up :

  • The Base Domain for your installation.
  • The sub directory you would like the site to load from, if desired.
  • Example: Should you wish your WordPress URL to be mydomain.com/site instead of just mydomain.com. Your site will always display this extension if you enter one.
  • For Admin Email, enter an email address where you want the admin password emailed to. Make sure this is a working email address.
  • For Blog Title, enter the name of the website. This is what will appear in the header as the name of your site.
  • For Admin Username, enter your preferred user name.
  • Your first name and Your last name.
  • Click Install WordPress when you’re ready to proceed.

How to Install WordPress Using QuickInstall Video Tutorial

For more details you can always refer to Hostgator Quick Install guide.

Quick WordPress Installation Guide on Hostgator
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