Hostgator India Vs. Hostgator US – How To Decide?

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Hostgator India or Hostgator US? Do you think without any doubt is a winner in this comparison? I don’t think that actually. In this article I will share why I have bought Hostgator India hosting plan, rather than Hostgator U.S. plans.

Before proceeding further, let’s know little bit about Hostgator India and their background. Hostgator is a very popular name in the world of web hosting. They have started their journey in India back in 2011. Like Bluehost India, they are not actually a re-seller based hosting. Rather you can call a Indian version of with different server and hardware configuration which actually suits websites with India based traffic.

Why I opted for Hostgator India over Hostgator US?

Actually I was planning to start a micro niche website exclusively for India based traffic and for that I was looking for a India based hosting with some great cheap price. At that time I came across Hostgator and discovered the BABY plan which I found one of the best shared hosting plan to buy.

I was waiting for few days to get some Hostgator India coupon and luckily discovered a flat 51% off web hosting plan. I did not waste much time and immediately buy the BABY plan with just spending some 2500 for  a year.

So, the reasons  I buy Hostgator India hosting plan are

  • Experimenting a micro niche website based out of India based traffic.
  • Another thing is the payment option. I have paid my hosting bill using net banking facility, as don’t want to use my credit card and my paypal doesn’t support international payment.
  • The 3rd option is the pricing. This is a huge saving compared to BABY plan and I can’t resist that.

So, in total if you are able to make these 3 points ticked, then you should buy a hosting plan from Hotgator India only.

When To Buy a Hosting Plan from

Let’s say there is no obligation or limitation that I have mentioned in the above case. And you are planning to start a blog with broad niche, then without any doubt should be your first choice. Technically & performance wise they are definitely the best compared to Hostgator India. But Hostgator India is also improving the services and servers day by day.

When I have started this blog, I don’t have enough bandwidth to spend for another web hosting plan. So I have started this blog in Hostgator India web hosting plan only. Right now this is a new website and have very less traffic, so I am facing no issue with Hostgator India. But in case you are planning to start a blog to make money using affiliate commission in WordPress theme or Web hosting or Blogging tools niche then you should start with

I hope I am able to explain the difference with my honest experience & facts that I have realized. What do you think about Hostgator or the this topic Hostgator India Vs. Hostgator US? Write a comment below.

Hostgator India Vs. Hostgator US – How To Decide?
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