How Harsh Agrawal Is Making Money With ShoutDreams Blog Network

Shoutmeloud Income Report: You might call Amit Agarwal as the Father of Indian bloggers, but do you know who is the role model of every young Indian blogger? I hope you have already guessed the name, it’s Harsh Agrawal of Shoutdreams Network who is going to be discussed in our Bloggers Income Report series. Why I have not mentioned Shoutmeloud? Because Harsh Agrawal is no more famous only for this single blog, he has created many successful blogs in recent times.

Who is Harsh Agrawal of agarwal income report

Harsh Agrawal from Delhi, has started blogging as hobby 6 years back. When he realized the power of blogging, he has left his job of Accenture and decided to become a full-time pro-blogger. Gradually he has out shined everyone and become India’s top most successful & popular blogger of Internet & social media. His primary blog started sharing basic blogging tips and now they are empowering lakhs of young Indians.

Right now Harsh Agrawal is running multiple blogs with the help of his team and also actively involved in blogging. The major income source for Harsh Agrawal is affiliate marketing only. Although he is making some money from Google adsense, but the huge chunk of income is generating by promoting various affiliate products only.

Right now he blog is sharing various topic in blogging tips, how tos, latest technology trends, making money online, linux and also offers wordpress customization services. Every month, Harsh is sharing his blog income report, traffic report and also various blogging activities including success & failures to let people know what is actually working good for him in blogging and what is not. Running an online business in our Indian society is very difficult, but now our society is changing and many young professionals are trying to be like Harsha Agrawal. This is a very great achievement Harsh, in the young age.

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here is the snapshot of harsh agarwal earnings taken from his blog itself including his expenditures as well.

  • Affiliate Earnings: $23,535.81
  • WordPress Themes Affiliate Program: $652.89
  • ElegantThemes Affiliate Program: $534
  • Ahrefs: $117.38
  • YouZign 2.0: $60.30
  • eBook sales: $267.84
  • AdsOptimal: $100.29
  • VigLink: $30.66
  • NativeAds Direct Ads: $2,000
  • Recovered Affiliate Income: $164.82
  • InfoLinks: $90.97
  • Get Site Control: $12
  • LeadPages: $22.20
  • LongTailPro: $42
  • Clickbank: $456
  • $170
  • ShareASale: $1,000
  • AdSense: $466.19

Total: $29,659.15 (Approx. 2 Million INR)


  • OptimizePress 2.0 : $149
  • Team Expense: $5,145.40
  • Fiver: $21.25
  • Envato: $22
  • Rent: $595.20
  • Product Purchases: $209
  • Broadband: $163.69
  • Quickbooks: $80
  • ShoutMeLoud Promotion:$3,422
  • Just Fucking Ship: $19
  • Hosting: $104
  • Aweber: $39
  • ConvertKit: $179
  • ShoutMeLoud Forum: $100

Total: $10,048

Takeaway from this Bloggers Income Report

The biggest take away of Harsh Agarwal’s blog journey is that I have started blogging. Yes, I have read many international blogger’s story before get into blogging. But when I discover Harsh Agrawal few years back and discover how an Indian can also blog and make money online.

The best part in Harsh’s journey is the helping way to make money. He is sharing various tips & tricks, web hosting guide, SEO marketing tools with his personal experience and useful tutorials. At the same time he is promoting various products he is using to run his online blogging business. This is highly motivational as people come to know about every success or failures of a pro-blogger for free.

Recently Harsh has evolve his expertise by launching various products specially for internet marketers or young bloggers who want to live a life by making money online. Check out for his latest affiliate marketing ebook, ShoutUniversity, Google Adsense Training and many more useful resources prepared sharing his own blogging experience.

Why don’t you share in your words something about Harsh Agarwal? How he has helped you or motivated you in blogging by writing a simple comment below.

How Harsh Agrawal Is Making Money With ShoutDreams Blog Network
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