Golf Course Caddy Jobs – Best Jobs For Teens & High School Students

Best summer job opportunities for high school students: Are you looking for some cool jobs to make money on this summer? If you are a teen or a high school student and want to make some passive income on this summer, then let me tell you about Golf Course Caddy jobs. Do you know what is Golf Course Caddy Jobs? How much money one can make by becoming a Golf Course caddy (or caddie)? In this article I will share about this awesome passive income with which one can easily make $70 – $100 / hour and in fact start thinking of a full time career.

Golf Course Caddie Jobs

What is Golf Course caddy (or caddie) Jobs?

Do you like to watch Golf? Or have you ever watched a golf match on TV? If so then you might have noticed a person who is carrying all the sports good & other necessary items with every golf player.

In golf, a caddy (or caddie) is the person who carries a player’s bag and clubs, and gives insightful advice and moral support to stay active in the entire game. A good caddy is aware of all the challenges of the games, can provide necessary advice and also take care of the player by providing various other necessary tips. This is one of the best summer jobs for students.

What is the Salary of a Golf Course caddy (or caddie) Career?

Now this is the interesting question. As a student or school kid, you may have just this summer or few hours in a day to pursue such Jobs and make some quick money in no time. In such a case you may just assist golfers by carrying clubs, filling divots, selecting clubs, knowing course, and much more. In such a case average $30 to $60 per hour you can earn.

In case if you become very experienced and also learned many tips & tricks of Golf by watching & following from may years then you can earn some real serious money from such a job. Then you can choose this Golf Course Caddy jobs as a full time career.

Whatevere it is, the point here is you can make the best of the best up to $400,000 per year by working as a Golf Course Caddy jobs.

Not only that you will also get in touch with many rich people and time to time get benefited from various other aspects of life. Golf is one of the costliest & rich people game, so looking for a career as Golf Course Caddy is not be a bad option though.

How to Get a Golf Course Caddy jobs & Make Extra Money on this Summer?

The very basic concept here is, you have to start looking for the Golf Course Caddy jobs near your locality or city. Then gradually start approaching those golf clubs for any Golf Course Caddy job opening or not. In case you have some contact or your friends are aware about any golfer, then the work can be done very easily.

Mostly these kind of jobs demanded people in short term basis, so that there will not be any contract most of the time. Mostly kids or Students prefer to work in this kind of jobs for very short period of time to make some quick money. Definitely, if you want to make a full time career as Golf Course Caddy, then do some serious home work on this game.

Golf Course Caddy Jobs – Best Jobs For Teens & High School Students
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