How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

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Did you find 500 internal server error when you try to load your website? Do you know how to resolve this 500 internal server error?

Error 500 is a very common WordPress error. In fact if you are running a website for quite sometime, you might have faced similar issues at least once, if not then your hosting provider might be the best WordPress hosting provider or else you might have not accessed your website from long time.

Anyway, jokes apart. As the name suggest, Error 500 is an error from server side. That means you have not done anything wrong while changing any file or configuration of your WordPress blog. So, let’s find out how to resolve 500 internal server error.

fix 500 internal server error

How to fix 500 internal server error

There are couple of reasons for which one can face 500 internal server error. In fact you might have notified about the same issue in different messages also.

500 Internal Server Error
HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error
Temporary Error (500)
Internal Server Error
HTTP 500 Internal Error
500 Error
HTTP Error 500
500. That’s an error

Let’s check out what could be the reason for this error and how to fix them one by one.

Check your PHP memory limit

If your website is growing in size and traffic, there is a high chance that your website’s defined PHP memory get overloaded. In such a case also you might face similar issues.

In this scenario you have to increase your websites php memory. If you want to do that by own then you have to follow certain procedure, that I will share in a separate article. The best thing would be by contacting your hosting provider’s customer support team.

Is your .Htaccess file corrupted?

Sometimes, your .htaccess file might get corrupted due to bad coding or bad scripts. In that case you have to correct your .htaccess file and if require you might have to create a new .htaccess file to replace the old one. In that case you have to carefully place all rewrite rules, necessary scripts to you new .htaccess file.

Editing .htaccess file is one of the toughest & riskiest thing to do. If you have zero doubt about your ability to edit that file, I would say contact your website administrator to do the same for you.

Did you install any new plugin?

Sometimes a WordPress plugin can play the spoiler game here. The new plugin may counter with some other existing plugin or script and return that error 500. In that case you have to check by deactivating all your plugins and then activating them one by one to find out the faulty plugin.

Did you refresh your cache

You might face 500 internal server error due to some hosting upgrade, which has resolved automatically after sometime. But as your browser cache has not updated, you are still finding the same problem. In that case, simply clear your browser cache and reload your website. I will feel lucky in case my error 500 could be due to that reason only.

Anyway, these are couple of common scenarios when one can discover 500 internal server error. I hope these resolution will help you to get rid of your website issues and restore your website.

How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress
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