Why Has My Domain Authority Dropped?

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Did you notice a sudden drop in domain authority after latest domain authority update by MOZ? Are you worried about thinking what could be the reasons behind moz domain authority drop, although you are doing everything right in last couple of months? In this article I will try to explain the reasons which can impact your domain authority or you can say fluctuate DA in recent times.

Domain authority has been taken into a serious count while measuring how good or bad a website is to rank for a keyword. Although this is one of the factors to rank first in Google. But it is clear that, a website with higher domain authority can rank articles better compared to the peers.

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5 Reasons Your Domain Authority is Fluctuating after recent updates

Now while calculating domain authority, MOZ is considering numerous factors and it is very difficult to hit the correct reasons behind the sudden drop in domain authority. But still we could identify few reasons which could impact your moz domain authority in time.

  1. Your website may have earned less quality link in last couple of months. Although you are working on various link building strategies, you should start reviewing tactics asap and try to be more aggressive.
  2. You might be working on a very competitive niche, where your peers and very smart and fast enough to build links compared to you. In that case you should try to analyse what your peers are doing and start thinking to run a SEO campaign to improve your authority & link profile.
  3. Have you checked the websites from where you are bagging links? Are they have some good domain authority still or are they penalized by Google?
  4. Your domain authority is determined by the websites hosted on the same IP address as well. Check out whether your website is sharing a web-space with many domains which are less in quality or with some spam website? This will also impact your domain authority and DA may get dropped in the next domain authority update.
  5. Have you changed your domain name recently or received too many 404 page not found issues? In that case you might have redirect your links to a new address, which might impact your back-link profile which further lead to drop of domain authority.

So, these are 5 reason I think could impact your domain authority drop. There might be many reasons, if you can share anything else from your experience then it would be great. Kindly write a simple comment below and share your thoughts here.

Why Has My Domain Authority Dropped?
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