How To Delete Images From WordPress Media Library

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Want to delete an image from your WordPress media library location? Do you think just deleting the images from media library is enough? Then you should read what I have experienced recently and how I get rid of the same.

Recently I have received a warning from one of my hosting provider about the maximum utilization of disk space. After that I was shocked as I don’t know how that happened and practically what should I do next.

After my prolonged analysis and spending quite some time in my cPanel area with the website files, I have realized that images are taking huge space for one of my websites. There are couples of websites which are not active now, but still the files are occupying the space.

Where the images are stored in your web hosting

Anyway, when I was analyzing why images are occupying so much spaces in disk then I need to dig further. Then I went inside the UPLOAD folder where the images are storing as per month basis. My analysis simply shocked me as I came to know about this for the first time. Just look at the screenshot below.

delete wordpress images

I have recently published an exclusive guide to start a WordPress blog and there I have uploaded many useful step by step pictures. Just check in the image above how a single image is stored in different sizes in your web hosting folder.

Yes, every image is converting in various sizes as per your theme design to handle various image requests & sizes. Just look at your website and find out how many image sizes are showing in post excerpt, side bar, related posts etc areas.

All are actually saving as different images rather than using the same image and resizing at run time. Although I am using the regenerate thumbnail WordPress plugin, but I was not 100% sure how the plugin is working in back end.

This is a good practice to speed up your website but at the same time you are eating more space for your images. Anyway, the best part to stay tension free is by optimizing the images first using tool and then upload so that you can save more than 70% of each image. It is a very good image compression online tool and worked great for me so far.

Now back to the question, how to delete an image from WordPress media library location

  • First of all go to your media library and select the image. Simply click on the delete permanently option to delete the image. This is the simplest way to delete an image from WordPress media library. Just look at the bottom right side of the image with an option “Delete Permanently”. Simply click that. 🙂

delete images wordpress

  • Next go to your file manager and also look for the same image in the UPLOAD folder and search for the folder with the similar name but different sizes. You have to delete them as well.
  • Remember one thing; delete an image may create huge mess if you are not sure what you are deleting. If the image is linked with many posts then you have to modify each post separately to avoid further problems.

Have you decided to delete unused images in your WordPress blog? Cleaning up of web hosting accounts are must to save space as well money. But make sure you have done enough research & analysis before deleting the images. Otherwise you may end up messing up your website.

How To Delete Images From WordPress Media Library
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