20% Off SurveyFunnel Discount Code + 5 NEW Survey Designs

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The best selling SurveyFunnel plugin has been revamped!

This Version of SurveyFunnel comprises of following Features

  • 5 NEW Survey Designs to grab your visitors’ attention.
  • Full screen survey forms
  • Enhanched Existing Themes with Fresh Layout.
  • New Progress Bar as per the theme.

Why SurveyFunnel is the best wordpress survey plugin

Want to convert your visitors into customers, then you have to connect with them to know what exactly they want from you. And conducting a survey would be the best option to know what your customers are expecting from your business. Here are the few strategies you can think of…

  • Conducting surveys
  • Giving questionnaire
  • Taking feedback via forms

SURVEYFUNNEL – An all-in-one WordPress survey plugin that allows you to create interactive survey forms, questionnaires and feedback forms. And, most important of all help you connect better with your audience.
By using SurveyFunnel, you can:

  • Create survey forms to collect user information
  • Create questionnaire to ask questions
  • Create feedback forms to improve your business
  • Check some screenshots of the surveys created:

This version of Survey Funnel comprises of following features

  • New Survey layouts with completely new design
  • New survey positions – Left corner, right corner
  • New lead generation form design
  • New progress bar as per the theme.
20% Off SurveyFunnel Discount Code + 5 NEW Survey Designs
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