How To Use Cuelinks with Adsense To Make Money Online

Are you planning to monetize your high traffic Indian niche website with India’s best affiliate network, Cuelinks? At the same time you are also using Google adsnese in your website? Now the question is how to mash cuelinks with adsense in your blog and make most out of your content?

Google adsense is one of the best CPC based ad network in the world. There are bloggers who are making millions of money using adsense program alone. But with evolution of Indian eCommerce, coupon blogging has become a huge hit and India affiliate marketing industry have seen a huge boom in last few years. In such a scenario if you are not applying affiliate links within your content, you might be losing some extra income opportunities.

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Tips To Use Cuelinks with Adsense without risking your Google Adsense account

There are many terms & conditions to keep your adsense account safe. In case you have not followed them properly there will be a risk of adsense account ban. So, how to use Cuelinks with Google adsense so that you can make extra affiliate income without hurting adsense account.

Before reading further, you can check out my exclusive Cuelinks review. Cuelinks team will always recommend you to use Cuewords in your website so that whatever outbound links your website is creating, Cuewords can monetize them.

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In such a case, if you Google adsense code and someone click on that ads how will Cuelink determine from where the outbound link is clicked? From your website content or Google adsense? From adsense point of view this might be against their TOS. Although I have not read about that clearly anywhere, buy why to take chances, as it takes huge effort to reapply adsense account.

Tricks to Use Cuelinks with Adsense in a White Hat Way

The best way to use Cuelinks is by creating affiliate links of your final products url. No need to use Cuewords. Simply go to your Cuelinks Dashboard >> Resource Center >> Link Kit and then make your own affiliate links and use the same in your anchor text in content.

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You can also use Cuelinks widget and create banner ads of sizes like 728X90, 300X600, 300X250 similar to google adsense ad sizes. This is simply keep adsense safe and you can make money from both Cuelinks & Google adsnese together.

Have you use cuelinks with adsense? If you don’t have adsense account, then I think Cuelinks can be the best adsense alternative for you to make money online.

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