How To Make Money With Cuelinks – India’s Best Affiliate Program

Today I will share a detailed Cuelinks review and my experience with an Indian affiliate marketing network and how I make money using cuelinks. If you are an Indian blogger and looking for a perfect Google Adsense alternative then CueLinks could be the perfect answer for that question, an easy affiliate marketing for Indian bloggers.

But I have to say the experience with Cuelinks or I will say Indian affiliate network is not 100% satisfactory, compared to other popular international affiliate networks. If you have a website with tons of traffic from India, Cuelinks is one of the best affiliate network compared to other affiliate marketing networks in India. There are many sites like Cuelinks like Vcomisison, OMG publisher, Tyroo etc.

Cuelinks Income Proof and earning summary of 3 months

So far I have started a coupon website and drive moderate traffic mainly targeting few popular festivals in India. And as per my effort given the return looks good in last 3 months. Here you can check the income details taken from Cuelinks dashboard area.

cuelinks review

So, far I have not issued for any payment as cuelinks generally take around 2 month to process your income generated. That’s why the last payment column is showing zero. And one more thing, don’t get surprised with the account owner name here, as the account is created in the name of my wife. 🙂

Advantages of Cuelinks Affiliate Network

  • Find all Indian merchants at one place with complete details of commissions.
  • Regularly updating with new merchants and their mobile app download
  • Cuelinks minimum payout is Rs 500 only and one get cuelinks payment directly into your savings bank account.
  • Every day you will get a mail with their latest coupons & deals to promote. You can easily share that your coupon website.
  • You can start promoting any of the merchant’s products without asking for any approval.
  • Convert any url to affiliate link by using their link tool
  • They provide ad widgets to share in your website, like Google adsense. This is an amazing feature I have to say.

Disadvantages of Cuelinks Affiliate networks

Personally I did not like Cuelinks much as there are couple of disadvantages. Few of them are

  • The commission is very less compared to others. In fact I find Indian affiliate marketing commission is really very low whatever network it is.
  • 80% of my earning got rejected and this is the biggest demotivating factor for me & my efforts
  • Anytime a campaign get finished you will get mail
  • You will get only 10 – 15 deals or coupon update daily, not for all of them. There is no such database to get every merchants deal alert yet.

Here you can find out how much money I have lost due to rejected commission. I have asked the clarification and they said that it is not in their hand as merchants only decide about the transaction & commission. Many cases people return their goods after purchase and those commissions reverted back. But from a blogger point of view, I don’t have any evidence or tracking system to accept this fact.

cuelinks review

So, this is my experience with one of the top Indian affiliate marketing network, cuelinks. Would you like to share your cuelinks review or experience here by writing a comment below. If your website has very high traffic based out of India, I am sure your income figures will be higher, but they should provide some valid justification about these hard earned commission rejections.

What do you think about this cuelinks review? Did you use cuelinks with adsense? How much money you made so far with Cuelinks affiliate marketing? Share your views here.

How To Make Money With Cuelinks – India’s Best Affiliate Program
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Santanu is not a full-time blogger yet, but a blogger by heart. :) Loves to explore blogging tricks, affiliate marketing techniques, online income opportunities & the world of WordPress. I hope my honest attempt of sharing my blogging learning and income secrets will be helping newcomer bloggers to make their blog noticeable and money making.


  1. 80% of my visitors are from India, but I’m not. What about payment someone in Europe?
    Do you know some PPC network or other affiliate program in India, but it paid publishers who are in Europe?

    1. HI Srihari,

      I am new to use this program and want to know whether they really pay as I have not found any cuelink payment proofs online posted by anyone, If you dont mind, can you please post your recent payment proof just to believe them.


    1. I think in case of affiliate marketing traffic is not a concern. One can start from the day one only. As on fine day a single visit can make a sale. So I think you can just start implementing affiliate links of Cuelinks if you are planning to go with Cuelinks.

  2. i m new to cuelinks and i m facing a problem that is i have many clicks on my affiliate link but not getting any commission on that and till now eight months of practice i have approved one commission only very disappointed with cuelinks

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