What To Look For In A Hosting Company – Complete Review

Planning to start a website to set up your online business? Do you know how important it is to choose a good web hosting company to host your website? A web hosting is like the main backbone of your online business and if you do something wrong while choosing the hosting provider, then you may have to deal with unnecessary website maintenance issues, rather than your online business.

Personally I have used so far couple of web hosting services in my short blogging career. The reason is very simple,  satisfaction. I have opted for Bigrock, Bluehost, Hostgator all of them. But finally settle down with Hostgator India plan. Anyway, let’s take it in a generic way and try to list out what are the key factors to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting company.

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Company

Up Time Guarantee: Look for the uptime guarantee shared by the hosting providers. Anything less than 99.99% is not at all accepted. Do you understand how this 99.99% will impact you in a year? E.g. if your hosting provider is up for 99% and down for 1%, then your website will go down for 4 days approx. Now if your website is down for 4 days on any crucial event then you are totally gone.

Server Locations: Look for the server location also. Now a days every hosting provider is having multiple servers as per country to provide better support. E.g. if you want to start a website based out India, then no need to buy a hosting provider with USA based servers. Rather look whether their servers are in India or not so that your website can be fetched faster.

24X7 Technical Support: Is your hosting provider available 24X7 support mode? You never know when your website is going down or crash in day to day online business. Look whether they provide any week end support or not, any online chat support or how quickly they can resolve your query.

Payment Options: I found many Indian pro bloggers are not keen to buy a hosting plan from usa based hosting companies as they don’t have credit card or paypal account so that they can pay their hosting bills. In such a case they settle down with some India based hosting provider. If the payment is your concern then look for the available payment option with the hosting company before proceeding further.

Is everything Unlimited: Have you noticed in web hosting plans they are providing almost everything unlimited? Remember one thing, when you are purchasing a shared hosting plan, there everything is on shared based only. In case something unlimited mentioned, then please make sure the meaning of that to avoid after sale frustration.

Free Domain Name: Anything is offering free is a great thing for a buyer. Many web hosting providers offer free domain name for first year which I think is an awesome criteria. E.g. If you buy a Bluehost shared hosting plan, then you can buy a .com domain name free of cost for first year.

Real Hosting provider or Reseller:  This is a very crucial point to notice whether your hosting provider is the actual hosting company and a reseller by someone. E.g. Bluehost India is a re-seller by a Mumbai based company. That means the actual Bluehost.com and Bluehost India is not the same behind the service.

Refund policy: Don’t forget to check the refund or money policy if any. It is good to go with such company as one can test the hosting plans by taking their website live and how they perform actually. E.g. Bluehost provide a 30 days money back guarantee and Hostgator is providing for 45 days.

What others are Using: When you are blogging for money, you should look for what your peers are doing. Which web hosting most of the bloggers are recommending to start a blog. I have enough experience while choosing a hosting provider for a beginner and without any doubt Hostgator & Bluehost are the two big players which most people prefer to start.

Which web hosting plan you are using for your blog right now? How much satisfy you are with your web hosting provider? Are you planning to switch your hosting company and migrate you WordPress blog to a new hosting provider? Share your experience & views by writing a comment below.

What To Look For In A Hosting Company – Complete Review
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