Top 5 Part Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students

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Looking for part time jobs in USA with good salary for international students? Do you know how much part time jobs pay in USA? If you are an Indian and traveled to USA to pursue your higher studies like MS, then it is always a good idea to look for a part time jobs in USA which will take care of your expenses.

But how to find part time jobs in USA? In this article I will share such awesome part-time job opportunities for students who are studying and looking for passive income opportunities. In USA, the payout or salary of any kind of part-time job is quite satisfactory. At least you can easily fund your daily life expenses and if you are luck, you can also save some money for future.

best part time jobs in usa

Best 5 Part Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students

There are many Indian students flying to USA every year and they are easily get these various ways to make money. Here are such 5 part-time jobs that you might find useful.

Taking care of Labs in College

This is one of the best part-time job one can easily find out even in your college campus itself. In case you are over with your regular classes, then you can easily take care of the lab and get paid on hourly basis. A Laboratory Assistant earns an average wage of $14.09 per hour in general cases.

Working as Shop Assistant

In your free time, like after college or in the evening you might work for few hours in any shop as shop assistant and get paid on hourly basis. The average pay for a Shop Assistant is $11.16 per hour. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience. Generally, working on Pizza shops is a very popular part-time job in USA.

Petrol Pump or Gas Station Attendants

A petrol pump assistant or a Gas Station Attendants in the United States take home an average $8.57 per hour. You may easily work for few hours in the evening time after completing your regular college schedule. On some day, you might work over-time or extended hours to get some extra money.

BabySitting or Nanny Jobs

If you like to play with kids and handle their demands then becoming a NANNY or BabySitter could be the best way to make some extra money on your free time after college. In USA, a babysitter can earn $10-$15/ hour depending up on the experience and in fact one can also choose this as a full time career.

Managing Cashier

Cashiers in the United States take home approximately $8.69 per hour on average. It is quite a responsible job and I believe the payout is quite low compared to other jobs. But still, if you like do some accounting and make money, then this could be the best option.

So, as a student you should explore such opportunities in USA to make your life smooth. The education expense is also quite high and many people opted for education loan to finance the higher study in America. In such a case, it is also a great idea to earn some money while studying.

Top 5 Part Time Jobs in USA for Indian Students
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